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Whippits Discarded on Outbound J Church

December 20, 2007
12-05-07_2352, originally uploaded by Mission Mission.

.02 Mile Scenic Drive-Thru Sign at Jimboy’s Tacos in Sacramento Pokes Fun at San Francisco’s 49-Mile Scenic Drive Signs

December 5, 2007

11-24-07_1438, originally uploaded by Mission Mission.

For Thanksgiving, we went to Sacramento to see the fam and take part in the 20th Annual Appetite Enhancement & Fat Tire Ride. Sunday morning, we went to Jimboy’s Tacos and noticed this ingenious bit of signage while waiting in line for our box of hangover-halting grease.

For reference, the real thing looks something like this.

And since the holidays are upon us, we suggest checking out the Jimboy’s Cafe Press store.

Dead Rat in Tar with its Spinal Chord out on the Muni Tracks near Dolores Park

December 5, 2007

rodent, originally uploaded by Mission Mission.

What’s going on here? What’s with the pattern in the tar and who ate this guy’s head? Found right around here somewhere.

Garfield Variation in the Toilet at Pop’s Bar

December 5, 2007

garfield, originally uploaded by Mission Mission.

A couple months ago or something we read the Vice feature on Garfield Variations, and then one night we saw this gem in the can at Pop’s Bar.

We Be Sushi’s Curious Bathroom Art

December 5, 2007

webebathroom, originally uploaded by Mission Mission.

Detail of a very curious piece of art in the shitter at the We Be Sushi on Valencia between 21st and 22nd Streets. Click on the photo to read the notes!

Squid with Human-Like Teeth/Gloryholes for Beginners Mashup

December 5, 2007

squid w human teeth, originally uploaded by Mission Mission.

Speaking of Boing Boing, you might recall from a couple months back or something that post about Promachoteuthis sulcus, the squid with human-like teeth. Anyway, the other day we mashed the squid up with the interactive die-cut cover of Johnny Gloryhole’s Gloryholes for Beginners (which somebody we know found at a party at Li Po Lounge).