Stone Got Glass Fucked By Your Mom With Love In The Men’s Room At 12 Galaxies

This is the last one, we promise. If the city manages to curb public displays of graffiti via a monetary reward for tattletales, we’ll always have rock club men’s room walls. This gem got took in the shitter at 12 Galaxies.

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glass fucked, originally uploaded by allanhough.

Stencil Graffiti: In The City We Trust

If snitchy-snitch crackdownin’ puts the freeze on the aforementioned “high-concept” anti-“yuppie” posters, fine. But “In The City We Trust” is a decidedly affirmative message, and not bad looking. Please don’t call the cops on this work of art’s creator. Caught this on the wheel well of an outbound 49-Mission. 

Previously on Mission Mission: Rat-for-Cash Initiative Bad for Art?

in the city we trust, originally uploaded by allanhough.


Does Having Disposable Income Enough To Keep One’s Self In Glossy Black Construction Paper And Professional-Quality Gold Paint Pens Make One a Yuppie? Perrrrrrhaps.

“Keep yuppies out of da Mission District?” It just seems like a lot of leisure time and a lot of capital went into this project. Photographed on the outskirts of said district, at the J-Church stop at San Jose & Randall.

(photo, yuppies, originally uploaded by allanhough.)