French FriendFeed User Took Picture of Jalopy in the Mission and Wrote Some Stuff in French

Like, a couple months ago, Didier at Encore une page had this to say about the Mission:

Je voulais poster un cliché San Franciscain, le Golden Gate Bridge ou le Cable Car qui descend une rue en pente raide comme le prix d’une bouteille de vin de Napa Valley. Finalement, j’ai opté pour cette voiture blanche garée devant un mur blanc sous un arbre noir dans une rue pas trop en pente, dans le quartier mexicain.

Link. Via FriendFeed.

SFPD CrimeMAPS Skimp on Homicide Stats

Over at Disenchanted Princess, Lola examines why the web-based SFPD CrimeMAPS tend to skimp on reliable homicide-related info:

The crime map allows you to search for forcible rape, arson, vehicle theft, robbery, burglary, vandalism, aggravated assault, larceny, and drug offenses. But not homicide.

Link to further investigation and conclusions.

Shotwell Bummer (Bars of the Mission: Inner Mission Beer Parlor)

So I was all stoked after my walk down Shotwell the other day and so tonight I dragged the crew to this bar I saw on the corner of Shotwell and 20th. The bar, Inner Mission, turned out to be a *smoking bar* full of smokers and smoke. Some of the crew didn’t mind, but one was bummed out. Sorry, one. They had Big Daddy, so it wasn’t all bad, but smoke blows.

Adios, muchacho.

Shotwell Stroll

You always hear people not wanting to live on or walk on or look for parking on Shotwell because the name makes them think of getting shot. Yesterday, I walked the entire length of Shotwell on my way home. Turns out, it’s a nice, quiet, neighborhood street with wide sidewalks, lots of trees and gardens, cute old houses, and a constant flow of pedestrians and cyclists.

Moreover, on this particular day, one side of the Mission was sunny and the other was blanketed by a storm cloud black as night. This resulted in some choice photo opportunities (see photo).

Chopped, Screwed Mariah Carey Video Features El Farolito Chile Relleno Burrito

My favorite new vlog is called Imsoooconfused. A few minutes ago, Imsoooconfused published a homemade video for a chopped and screwed version of Mariah Carey‘s new hit “Touch My Body”, in which an El Farolito burrito is prominently featured.

That Weird Open-Air F-Market Car With Christmas Lights Hanging Off It

Mission Mission reader Plug1 is on a roll this week, folks. I always see this thing rolling through Dolores Park on its way back to the yard, and I’ve always wondered what its story was, but I never had the journalistic gumption to find out. Turns out, it’s from Blackpool, the UK equivalent of Coney Island or Atlantic City (according to this Viceland interview with David Thewlis). Thanks, Plug. Link.

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