Give The People What They Want: Animal Sex

We were checking out Mission Mission’s stats, and noticed that “animal sex” is our most popular tag — by a mile. This was all begat by the cartoon animals making love post about some graffiti we saw on a bus. We thought we were just recognizing some charming art we saw in the nabe. Unbeknownst to us, we had tapped into something much more interesting. So we started talking: “We’ve analyzed the numbers; now how can we best cater to the needs of our audience?” Then we recalled a fascinating report broadcast some time last year by VBS TV about an allegedly time-honored Colombian tradition: fucking donkeys.

Link to Part One (in which the history of the tradition is introduced).

Link to Part Two (in which the voracity of certain allegations are examined).

Link to Part Three (in which a dude bones a donkey).

Link to the report’s official blog entry (with safe-for-work pictures).

(whored-up donkey photo by davelandsberg)


4 thoughts on “Give The People What They Want: Animal Sex”

  1. It’s true; post a blog with the word “sex” in the title, and it’s guaranteed to be the most popular one. I posted a blog, months ago, with the title “sex with meat eaters off the menu” referencing vegans and vegetarians who choose not to have sex with meat eaters. Sure enough, that blog gets the most hits, and because it has the word “sex” in the title, it was referenced through your blog, which is how I found your blog to begin with. SEX SEX SEX

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