Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild

I just bought the new Jonathan Richman album, and it’s bringing chills to my skin (I’m listening to track #8 at the moment). He migrated to San Francisco years ago, and this new album reflects this move. I fell in love with the Mission at the same time I moved here, because Jonathan (who was already my #1) would play four-night stretches at the Make-Out Room down the street from my Dolores Street apartment. His music makes walking on the streets of Valencia, Guerrero, and Mission Street much more romantic than it actually is.

He lives in the Outer Mission a few blocks from my apartment, and when I see him walking down the street every now and then, sentimental electricity runs through my muscles, tendons, and bones. To truly enjoy San Francisco (forget the bars, the hip clothes, and the ethnic food — I’m talking about atmosphere), you must get this new album.

Previous instances of Jonathan Richman on Mission Mission here.

Update: Allan liveblogged his first listen for Jojoblog. His thoughts here.

5 thoughts on “Because Her Beauty is Raw and Wild”

  1. Note that in the liner notes — the liner notes Jonathan he himself wrote — he says “San Francisco has likely left it’s [sic] stamp on this record”. Yes it has, yes it has, yes it has. And in the booklet, there’re some photos by that Miles Montalbano guy, and if I’m not mistaken, they’re all Mission District scenes. Superb essay, Katie.

  2. I’ve seen him perform over 55 times, 45 of which are all in SF. But this album is particularly san franciscan.

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