Happy Mother’s Day!

I spent all weekend with my mom, and it occurred to me to finally post this video we made a few months ago. In it, she shares a project she made as an art student at San Jose State in 1968, which she’d recently dug up after running into Tony May, the professor under whom she’d produced it. As she explains here, the skills and interests that led to this project also led her to a career in cartography, via San Francisco State, where she met my dad. Their first apartment together was on Camp Street, which meant I grew up hearing romantic tales of the Mission District on a regular basis. Thanks, Mom!

7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day!”

  1. Really a wonderful story. I am glad she got to meet her professor again and I *LOVE* her beautiful book.

  2. Someone sent this to me and said I think you know this lady. I do!
    Marlene, this was fun to watch and great seeing you. It’s been awhile!

    Love, Diana

    1. Hey Diana–
      Wow–amazing how Allan’s blog connected us! You reminded me how shocked I was that he put that online (honored, yes). Thanks for getting in touch.
      –xox, Marlene.

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