Mission Wackos Vs. Pier 39 Fanny Packs: Open Letter to SFPD

Over at Muni Diaries, Tara offers some friendly advice:

I get how police can’t be everywhere at once and how crime is sometimes very random. But there is a proven halo effect around police stations (and cops), so I’d appreciate seeing you more near those wackos in the Mission than near the fanny packs in Pier 39.

Link to full letter.

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6 thoughts on “Mission Wackos Vs. Pier 39 Fanny Packs: Open Letter to SFPD”

  1. That’s funny that you posted that, because I’ve worked in Fisherman’s Wharf for three years, and here’s what i’ve seen:

    1. well, my wallet got stolen out of my OFFICE from a vagrant who wandered in
    2. This morning on the F, there were tourists as well as this bum sitting on a paint can chirping really loudly.
    3. A bum walking around with a stolen razr.
    4. A man followed a coworker into our work and stole her $3k purse.
    5. A dead man on a bench outside of Aquatic Park.
    6. Numerous cars getting broken into in pure daylight. Seriously, there’s broken window glass all over the sidewalks in this neighborhood.

  2. Wait, I have one more:

    7. I heard a story of a policeman catching someone fucking a chicken in their parked car near Pier 39. NO JOKE.

  3. No question there’s crime up here (I work in Fisherman’s Wharf, too), but I’d argue that it’s mostly petty theft and smash-and grabs – common in tourist areas when people don’t lock their cars or remain aware of their surroundings.

    One reason I posted that MD item was to contrast between the tourist vision of SF (“Oh, friendly police officers!”) and the day-to-day vision us residents have. I spend a lot of time in the Mission, and my bus heading home to the Richmond goes straight through the Western Addition and Tenderloin. So it’s disheartening to see killings, stabbings and shootings in these areas continue to go up and up and up.

    While smash-and-grabs and petty theft suck huge ones, I think it’s violent crime that has SF residents (and our favorite Ross Mirkarimi!) worried most.

  4. Amen, Tara. And wasn’t part of your argument that these specific officers you encountered seemed more concerned with your possession of a ticket, transfer, or Fast Pass than anything else?

    The responses here, while pointing to legitimate issues of concern, miss the intent of your post.

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