‘Hipster’ ‘Douchebag’ ‘Mission District’

Please people, can we stop using these generic words to describe the people who visit/inhabit the Mission? It’s really annoying.


What’s Happened to San Francisco? (mission district)

Reply to: pers-692490589@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-23, 1:38PM PDT

When I moved here 10 years ago the City was full of cool, laid-back, smart, fun people. People who liked to hang out, smoke some bud, and do amazing, creative, productive things. Now it seems it is getting to be like everywhere else. People are all about their careers, making money, how people look, and superficiality. Did the housing market drive people away? Is SF just becoming a mini L.A.? Almost everyone over 30 seem to be boring douchbags or insipid, shallow little bitches. Everyone under 30 seems preoccupied with their “identity” making sure everyone know they’re a “hipster” or whatever.

Link, or click thumbnail for screen shot.


You stole my messenger bag from delirium. Douchebag. (mission district)

Reply to: pers-691346374@craigslist.org
Date: 2008-05-22, 4:13PM PDT

Look douchebag, you stole my bag from delirium last saturday, and unless you really like sweaters, otherpeoples journals, and/ or french philosophy, the only thing of value you got was the bag itslef and my damn ray bans.
Please, keep the bag.
Please, keep the shades.
You can even keep the sweater and the philosophy.

I just want my journal. Please, give me back my journal!
If you have my journal, please email me and I’ll assume you ‘found’ it abandoned a block from delirium after the douchebag who stole my shit looked through my bag and discovered no wallet, cell phone, or ipod.

Just a journal, worthless to everybody on the planet but me.

It’s black, has a bunch of phone numbers on the back page, about half-way full, with some sketches and a black ribbon page marker.


Link, or click thumbnail for screen shot.

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18 thoughts on “‘Hipster’ ‘Douchebag’ ‘Mission District’”

  1. This amuses me because I remember reading an early version of the “What Happened to SF?” complaint.

    It was posted to the SF Net BBS.

    In 1993.

  2. Yeah, douchebag was a funny term when it first started popping up, but I’m tired of it now. I’m trying to promote “dickwad” as a replacement but I don’t think it has quite the same ring. “Douchebag” makes people feel adult and crass, where “dickwad” makes them feel 12. Still, I think it’s funny.

  3. actually, shh, it was my cute little way of saying everyone’s been bitching about San Francisco changing, probably as long as there’s been a san francisco.

  4. I got that, Dan, wasn’t trying to hate, no offense. Just cracking wise. Was SF Net one of those BBSes that had public terminals in cafes back in the day? With like a CRT-looking ANSI interface?

  5. I’m from SF, I currently live in the Mission… and I still find those 2 words appropriately descriptive!
    I am open to suggestions; but I hear people trying to start asshat and it just sounds like you’re trying too hard.

    And if you think SF is turning into LA, then you haven’t spent enough time in LA!

  6. the Mission is hip — so who do you see pre-dominantly in the Mission, Hip-sters.

    And while it’s a little unfortunate, who cares? why say the given? why be redundant? there’s plenty of non-conformists besides hipsters and douchebags who live in the mission. just look away.

    And i’m a little sick of the word “douchebag”, there are multiple types of douchebag, so why not describe this person a little better? Someone who steals a bag from a young person who likes sweaters, french philosophy, and delirium is not really a “douchebag”, more of a criminal, or maybe doing the guy justice (just kidding).

  7. Don’t mind the non-conformists , the hipsters, the free spirits, whatever label you want to give it
    I reckon I was not clear… I don’t use the 2 words we are debating all that often. I see the gamut of SF/Mission life at Dolores Park every day. And yes perhaps they have been overused, but darn it all that there are instances when “hipster: and “douchebag” describe perfectly the point I try to get across.

    Multiple types of Douchebag? I like that idea. A subgenre of douchebags….. NOW we’re cookin’!

  8. Sure…I’ll stop using the word “hipster” when large masses of people in the Mission / Lower Haight stop wearing bulky eyeglasses, tight pants, horrid facial hair, and other 70s and 80s-inspired “ironic” garb.

    I love how this trend is supposedly an attempt at being unique/individual/non-conformist. Hah! It seems an awful lot like *conformity* to me.

    Silly hipsters.

  9. Don’t want to be called a hipster douchebag? Ditch the fixie, wear some pants that fit, and appreciate something non-ironically and not just because it’s trendy (this includes trendiness derived from obscurity). Then maybe we’ll talk.

    As for sub-classifications of douchebags, well, I’ve been referring to people as “douche lords” for quite a while now. But to qualify as a douche lord you really have to excel at your douchebaggery. Like leaving your car double-parked along the N Judah tracks and stopping the train for 15-20 minutes.

    Other times I’m fond of “douchenozzle”. Kind of a subtle variant on the more common douchebag and generally requires a bit more effort to qualify for. Not so much due to such obviously over-the-top behavior as a douche lord, but more by being more obviously ingrained in the douchebag lifestyle.

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