Dolores Park Playground Renovation Promises Fences, Safety

Due to poor drainage, leaded paint, and other public safety issues raised by concerned parents, the Dolores Park Playground is set to be renovated. Meetings have been held and there are more to come. They’re talking about fences and barriers and all kinds of safe stuff. Reports The Snitch:

It’s up to the community to decide how harmonious or isolating the new monkey bars will shape up to be. The third and final meeting is set for the end of August, with construction slated for spring 2009.

Link. So take pictures of the crusty old relic while you still can, and maybe try to get War Mongers Diner to work up a version of Don’t Fence Me In for the end of August.

Photo of Dolores Park Pool by Amy Hammond.

When Women Ruled Valencia

Elizabeth‘s latest post got us thinking. An acquaintance hipped her to a bygone era along everybody’s favorite Mission corridor:

[S]o haunting was the number of women-run, women-only businesses and projects she referred to, up and down Valencia Street. They are all gone now. Old Wives’ Tales bookstore, a woman-only bar where the Elbo Room is now […] A women-only restaurant where Radio Valencia used to be. A women’s newspaper.

Link. How exactly does a women-only restaurant (or bar) work? Maybe this era is bygone because it’s not legal. Anybody remember any of this stuff?

Elbo Room photo by kewlio.

More Evidence that the 67 Can Be Skeevie Too

A couple weeks ago, there was some dispute as to whether Muni’s 67 (serving Bernal Heights from 24th and Mission) could be as entertaining as some of the other buses that run on Mission Street. On Friday, TK had an experience that just might further the controversy:

So there’s a 67 bus stopped there at the stop. Just as I get there, a cop car pulls up and the 2 cops get out and get on the bus. Then a Muni supervisor-type arrives and gets on too. Obvs. everyone standing around is staring at the bus trying to figure out what’s going on.

The cops come out with a little guy who’s wasted. I mean, he was fucked up. I love this – he was wearing a Hawaiian shirt. WOO-HOO! LET’S PARTY!!

See how it all ends here.

Photo by Octoferret.

Is Your Academy of Art University Diploma Worth a Shit?

I forget where I was when I took this, but it might’ve been in the Mission. If not, sorry. In any case, is anyone taken aback by the notion that a diploma from the Academy of “Art” “University” might not be good for shit? Fuck.

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