Environmentally Friendly Apartment for Sale

Sunset Magazine’s Idea House has a for sale sign out front. After talking to the man with the keys, I learned it is not the main house that is on the market, but the smaller apartment attached to this amazing house. He offered to show it to me, apparently mistaking my jeans for a cocktail dress. So, if anyone is willing to loan me, say a million dollars (it is listed at $995,000), I will be saving a bundle on heating and water bills – I should be able to repay you sometime in the next couple hundred years.

Perks: windmill, solar panels, blue kitchen, front row seats for Garfield Square soccer games.

4 thoughts on “Environmentally Friendly Apartment for Sale”

  1. Well, if only my extra million weren’t in my piggy bank for my summer drive to Fresno, I’d loan it to you so you’d be a couple of blocks away from me. I never dreamed I’d live to see the day when I could say “Drop by and see me, I’m just down the street from the Sunset Idea House.”

  2. This unit has been on the market since January 12th, at least. Maybe it’s time to drop the asking price?

  3. According to Stuff White People Like, “sport” clothing is actually very popular with the upper classes. Perhaps the more grungy you dress, the more money you have.

  4. Maybe as much as rich environmentalists talk, they still would rather live in a bigger and perhaps more snooty marina apartment than with “the people” in the mission. Also, I didnt see a garage for any prius.

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