Mission Pie’s Bright New Corner Location Open for Business

Mission Pie‘s brand-new location on the corner of 25th and Mission opened its doors for the first time today. I went there and had the above slice of banana cream pie for breakfast, and it was good. Though the new digs lack the rustic charm of the old, the big windows and comfortable space make up for it. This is going to be a great place to sit and eat and watch the hustle and bustle outside. They’re open until 9pm tonight.

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2 thoughts on “Mission Pie’s Bright New Corner Location Open for Business”

  1. The new location is super amazing. I thought it was never going to open given that it was boarded up for what seemed like a year, but now that it is I envision myself spending a lot of pie-dollars there.

    The only negative is that all my Mission Pie experiences last about six minutes or less; a slice of pie really doesn’t take long to eat at all.

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