Is Your Academy of Art University Diploma Worth a Shit?

I forget where I was when I took this, but it might’ve been in the Mission. If not, sorry. In any case, is anyone taken aback by the notion that a diploma from the Academy of “Art” “University” might not be good for shit? Fuck.

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19 thoughts on “Is Your Academy of Art University Diploma Worth a Shit?”

  1. I hire people with AOAU diplomas all the time. Of course, they are also talented and hard working, without the sense of entitlement that this person seems to be lost in a miasma of…

  2. Nothing worse than the recently graduated unemployed. Get a clue! SCHOOL is not WORK and just because you have a fucking diploma does not give you carte blanche.
    When I graduated from collage I was making as much as I was in High School and then I got that job this jerk wanted….

  3. Actually, Academy of Art “degrees” really are worthless. Yes, they are “accredited,” but the accreditation is by a *different organization* than is used by real colleges and universities (anything from CCSF to SF State to UC Berkeley to Stanford etc.). So let’s say you have a degree from A of A. Later, you decide you might like to get an MFA ar other higher degree at one of the real universities. They will laugh at you. “What? You think this A of A thing is a degree?”

    From their perspective, it’s as much a degree as a roll of paper towels.

    It’s tricky at best to get work with a Art degree, but if you MUST HAVE a degree in art, try to get into the SF Art Institute or other legitimate art school; or even study art at UCB or SF State etc.

    Sure, people actually learn stuff at A of A, but their options for graduate training are very small indeed.

    1. that is some excellent commentary. i didnt know about that accreditation issue.

      sounds like a bit of a scam to me.

      and the AofA degree aint cheap, neither.

      1. You friggin internet jockies spouting off opinions as facts are funny. Get your facts straight. I’m sure your just bitter about failing out of AAU or something else like that… Sad, and always the victim ready to cry to the crowd of faceless people on the internet. Please… Complain more about how it’s “Someone elses fault.” We love to hear it.

  4. i hire em too. thing is….this is an art (or design, or media) degree. so school is about honing & developing talent. without talent (a combination of skill, drive & bravery, imho)….the diploma is in fact worthless. that said, WITH talent, the diploma is a decent credential showing – at the very least – the ability to follow through. that said, the notion that it will “get you a job” is pretty off-base, as it would be regarding any but a very very few institution’s diplomas in a very narrow slice of the job pool.

  5. Well, the WASC accreditation must be new for them. They didn’t used to have it. I therefore revise my remarks, but I still think that young artists would be much better off simply majoring in Art at a regular university. They have all kinds of digital arts programs at these schools nowadays, in addition to photography, painting, and other such programs.

    1. A traditional school does not teach students how to make a living off of art. There’s a difference between Art for Arts sake and Art for Industry.

  6. This blog is not about just getting any diploma from art school, it’s about getting an Academy of Art university diploma. And even though it IS accredited like all the universities. Does it do anything is the question. Frankly all the great professors have gone, the education is outdated, and the students are lacking in motivation even in the first year. So is it worth it? If you want to waste your money and time.

  7. The academy is nothing but a bunch of fags who produce more fags to then go out into the world and corrupt it with more faggotry. thus it is a disease. It has literally destroyed the loins of SF with illegal “acquisitions” of downtown real estate and have made no efforts to deal with the claims. It is a sespool littered with weaboo scene bitches and Chinese fagots who wish they were Japanese. They virtually rape people’s wallets so they can continue advertising their bullshit at conventions and teh internets whenever they can. The purchase old city buses and rev them up in their secret auto department. The security their is bullshit. The people that attend usually have their noses shoved so far up their professors asses that they pluck them out they can still smell the shit and believe it to be them. Alas.. they are not the shit. The fashion bitches are legitimate hos. Even though the bitches wont admit it you can often see them working the streets at Sutter corners. The fact is the “industry” as they call it is so fucking saturated with old faggots that they like to recycle that newbs never get a chance. The Admin at the school are nothing but a bunch of selfish uncaring fucks who don’t care about shit but a six figure pay check. Fuck Academy Of Art University. AAU Sucks

  8. I Have a degree from AAU and let me just say, my diploma means shit! Every employer I have ever had (I have had a ton) hires me not because I graduated from there but because I have the drive of a bull during the pamplona run. That is something you personally have not are taught. However, AAU did kick my ass for four years and made me really good at what I do. I could not make the money or have the knowledge I do today if I went anywhere else in the country.

    And just so you know Anonymous us fashion kids work about 120 hours a week in the studio alone and I am sure the whores on Sutter are only doing it cause they have two hours to spare a week and we do have to pay rent just like you. Also please stop throwing the “F” bomb around no one likes that word.

    You have to put in what you get out in everything in life fyi and there are people and places that help you do that.

  9. Regardless of art schools, your portfolio far outweighs any degree in an employer’s eyes. It’s art – you have to show proof that you can do it.

    Use that art school tuition to purchase supplies and do it yourself.

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