Mission Pie to Serve Pizza Pie!

I heard whispered rumors of such a phenomenon, and so I decided to walk into the lion’s den. I stepped into Mission Pie and demanded an answer from the teenager behind the counter. With darting eyes and a hushed voice, he confirmed that this is indeed the case. Mission Pie will soon expand into more than a sweet treat store: pizza is on its way!

Apparently, a new kitchen or something unimportant like that has to be finished and it won’t be done until probably late this year, but I didn’t really hear the specifics. I was in a pizza haze, imagining a late night slice on the way home from BART, laughing joyously with a friend. There may have also been a warm breeze in the air and a friendly bum on the sidewalk.

Has anyone told Serrano’s?

Is chicken pot pie next?

Will Mission Mission ever get sick of Mission Pie stories?

Tonight: Airfix Kits at Thrillhouse Records

Show starts at 7pm sharp. From the official press release:

@ Thrillhouse Records, 3422 Mission St near Cortland, SF 7pm, all ages, donation$ for the touring band please

Shows are usually over by 10pm at Thrillhouse, and we are playing first. Our set is only about 16 minutes long. Fashionably late? too bad for you.

Link to Airfix Kits on MySpace. Previous gushing about the band here.

Nuclear Care Bear

If, as Wikipedia says, “the Care Bears’ ultimate weapon is the ‘Care Bear Stare,’ in which the collected Bears stand together and radiate light from their respective tummy symbols,” then I think the Care Bear Stare just got a whole lot more powerful with the help of an atom bomb.

Scare Bear? Beware Bear? Despair Bear? Ooooh, the delicious possibilities.

CONTEST: Win Tickets to ‘Emo! The Musical!’ Opening Night

This is the cast of Emo! The Musical! Think you’re eemer than they are? If so, you just might have what it takes to win free tickets to the show. Share your best emo-related anecdote in the comments section below, and the best two entries will get a pair of tickets to opening night, Friday August 8, 2008.

The show runs through the end of August and features singing, dancing, romance and angst — and lots of angst. Advance tickets at Brown Paper Tickets. Full production details at BEARDS BEARDS BEARDS.

Photo from offical press kit. Click to enlarge.

Previously on Mission Mission:

Dance and Drink for ‘Emo! The Musical!’

Fruity Pebble Larry King

In Land of a Million Cereals, currently on view at Mission17, artist Ryan Alexiev takes breakfast cereal out of the box and puts it on the canvas. ArtLicker‘s got the scoop:

Alexiev creates exaggerated and at times gawdy representations of consumer culture as seen through the eyes of a F.O.B. Bulgarian peasant. The result is a humorous and thought-provoking commentary on what we consume and why we do it.

No doubt — Larry King looks pretty appropriate rendered in high-fructose corn syrup and artificial coloring. Show closes August 2. Link.

Photo courtesy of ArtLicker.