Haiku Reviews of Mission District Taquerias

On Thursdays, Karen at off the (meat)hook publishes haiku-style restaurant reviews. This week’s edition features reviews of a dozen San Francisco taquerias, most of which are in the Mission. Usually she’s right on the money:

2779 Mission St. (@ 24th St.)
4817 Mission St. (btw. Onondaga & Russia)

good, cheap, open late!
an old standby loved by most.
on the dirty side.

All true.

515 Valencia (@16th St.)

I’d say good, not great.
a standard taquería.
used to be better.

Yeah, that’s what I hear.

3409 24th St. (@ Valencia)

clean, well-lit, quite fine.
burritos yes, tacos no.
sometimes a bit bland.

Yep, Papalote in a nutshell.

2288 Mission St. (btw 18th & 19th Sts.)
3211 Mission St. (@29th St.)
1003 Market St. (@ 6th St.)

ugh. why? well, it’s bad,
it’s dirty, and it’s not nice.
I don’t get it. blech.

Wait, what!? Actually, it’s good, it’s no dirtier than Farolito, and it’s nice. I totally get it. Yum!

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