Full Bowl of Humans for ‘Breakfast’

Special report by Malcolm McMillan:

Thousands of Dolores Park denizens threw down blankets, taped their buns together, and broke out the bubbly (tallboys) for the first Saturday edition of Film Night in the Park – a free screening of John Hughes’ clique-busting, run-punching 1985 gesamptkunstwerk, The Breakfast Club.

The fun-jump screen handily conveyed Judd Nelson’s glorious rhinostrils to the tippy top of the hill before a back drop of falling stars, distant fireworks, and mobile “I lost me to meth” billboards driving up and down Dolores. [Can we not enjoy our picnic baskets full of project propellant in peace, for Pete’s sake?] A cumulus of ganj billowed up right on cue with the onscreen sesh, and the echoing bowl lent a propaganda rally flare to the movie’s spazz prancing subversiveness.

Film Night in the Park: What was that?
Me: Eat. My. Shorts.
Film Night in the Park: You just bought yourself another Saturday.
Me: What can I say? I’m THRILLED!!

Stay tuned for O Brother, Where Art Thou @ Dolores Park, 9/20/08 (dusk)

Thanks, Malcolm!

[Photo by Malcolm too. Click to enlarge.]

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