Adios, 12 Galaxies

We asked Rhiannon to fill us in on what went down at 12 Galaxies’ swan-song show:

All space metaphors aside, 12 Galaxies went out with a big bang last night. StitchCraft opened the show up, all beautiful harmonies and hot chick with a fiddle, and there went beer one. After that it just got louder and sillier and more fun. During Big Light’s first set, the place got really packed, and really really hot, but no one cared. The Mikes and Willy at the door were having a great time, while Robert was shmoozing and dancing and answering the same questions a million times over. Someone whose face was a blur got up and played an acoustic set. (Their face probably wasn’t a blur in reality, but I was three beers in, not to mention the three margaritas at Velvet Cantina during dinner beforehand.) Then Big Light was on again, and someone had turned the amps up to 11. After that, it just became a jam fest. I got some video of some 10 people on stage, tearing the guitars apart, shouting “12 GALAXIES!” in some kind of rhythm, Robert got up and sang, first the 12 Galaxies song they were all making up, then some Grateful Dead-type stuff…

It was awesome, I left around 3, after KrOB put his famous neon sign in a cab and headed on home.

Thanks, Rhiannon! Can’t wait to see the video…

Photo of Frank Chu’s last appearance on the 12 Galaxies stage by Amor de Cosmos.

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Mission Cyclists Rude to Mission Motorists?


This Craigslist post asks why cyclists have to be so rude to drivers (click thumbnail to make larger):

I’m Sick of Non-Law-Abiding, Self Obsessed Bicyclists in the Mission! (mission district)

1. I’m stopped at a 4-way stop at Hampshire and 22nd, 4 cars at each corner. It’s my turn. I start to accelerate, then have to slam on the brakes because a bicyclist jets through the intersection without stopping or even slowing down. To make it even better, he slaps his ass and air kisses me when I toot my horn at him!

2. I’m waiting to turning left onto S. Van Ness from 17th St, waiting for the west bound traffic to clear. My blinker is on. I look in my rear view mirror and see a group of 4 cyclists approaching. 2 cyclists stay to my right, 2 veer to my left and as they’re passing me one yells “hang up your phone.” For one thing I’m not using my phone (hands free or otherwise), and secondly I’m still not clear to make my left hand turn, so wasn’t lounging in the intersection inappropriately. What does this even mean? Why so hostile?

3. I’m sitting at a red light on Bryant, waiting to make a right hand turn onto 16th. My blinker is on. The traffic has cleared, but just as I begin to turn, a bicyclist passes me moving very fast on the right, running the red light. I almost hit him, but he doesn’t seem to care. I’m shaking. What if I did hit him? How would that affect his life? How about mine? How about my kids who are also in the car?

FYI– I am a resident of the Mission. I only drive when necessary. I walk to work and my children use muni to get to school. My autos run on biodiesel and hybrid energy. I respect bicyclists and am one myself. Why such anger, disrespect and dangerous behaviour out there?

Update (Friday morning): Debate is in high gear in the comments section, and it’s grown to include the ol’ bikes vs. pedestrians conundrum too. Meave says: “What, bicyclers, is your goddamn problem, that you are all over the sidewalks?”

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Coming Soon: Wider Sidewalks and Slower Traffic on Valencia

Over at The Snitch, Masha Rumer tells us about an overhaul of Valencia Street in the works at the Department of Public Works:

Some highlights of this $6.1 million project, according to DPW’s Great Streets Program: the center median will be removed; the sidewalks will be widened from their current 10 feet to 13-15 feet, allowing for more foot traffic, for outside seating in cafes and hopefully for room to push through swarms of bluegrass-crazed people congregating outside busy Mission establishments. The parking lane will grow by 0.25 feet to 9 feet. […] Also planned are new bike racks, art, trash receptacles, curb ramps and bulb-outs instead of left-turn pockets in some areas.

Full analysis here. Now, I’m open to change, and I love sidewalk seating and pedestrian safety, but I also love Valencia’s narrow sidewalks and crummy old bike racks and trash receptacles. Will improvements curb our beloved boulevard’s fundamental charm?

Update: Subito_Piano informs us that there’s a “status update meeting” regarding this project being held at the Mission Police Station tonight at 6:30pm. More at Better Valencia Project.

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18th Street Block Party

ZOUNDS!!!!  You’ve been caught in a TIME MACHINE!!!  Quick, Click Here to warp back to the 2010 18th Street Block Party!  Warning:  Not Safe For Vegans (NSFV)

Reader Robert forwards us the skinny on the fancy charity shindig:

It’s the season of block parties! Next Saturday September 6th is ~PARTY ON BLOCK 18~, a full-tilt hootenanny featuring the 18th Street businesses between Dolores and Guerrero, which is where the street will be closed off. A family-style meal will be available, and the purchase of a ticket entitles everyone to a meal with your choice of three savory meals from Bi-Rite, Delfina, Dolores Park Café, and Craig’s Place, and Tartine and Bi-Rite Creamery will be handling the sweets. Since 18th Street is ALL about food, here are the menu items: spit-roasted Niman Ranch pork shoulder with summer bean salad and salsa verde, Fulton Valley chicken grilled under a brick with a Tuscan bread salad, and vegetarian paella and corn on the cob with Calabrian chili butter. The kids can enjoy Let’s Be Frank organic hotdogs, fresh sandwiches, and Bi-Rite Creamery hot fudge sundaes, fresh fruit smoothies, lemonade, and a watermelon agua fresca by Dolores Park Café. For the adults, in the Wine & Beer Garden there will be premium barrel of wine by Unti (a fave of mine) and keg beer by Russian River Brewing Company, Magnolia Brewery, and Anchor Steam. Entertainment includes gypsy band Gaucho, and teen rockers She’s and The Psychotherapists for the kids. The party runs from noon to 4pm. All proceeds from the party will be donated to the Women’s Building. Meals are $15, sides and sandwiches $2.50–$5, beverages $2.50–$5. For information and to purchase advance meal tickets, call Christie Ward at 415-971-7291 or email

Looks like a bargain, and for a good cause, and Russian River Brewing Company! Thanks, Robert!

Update: Robert attributes this find to Marcia Gagliardi and her newsletter.

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