Breaking News: Bees Swarming Again!

In the comments section of the original post, Carowner says the bees are back in action (and details a dramatic plan to bounce them once and for all)!

Update (Thursday evening): In the comments section of THIS post, Carowner gives us a full timeline of bee activity, and reveals that the aforementioned dramatic plan is underway. Cross your fingers!

3 thoughts on “Breaking News: Bees Swarming Again!”

  1. Pretty ridiculous – so here’s the timeline of events. Saturday was the big event where all the bees swarmed my car. Unfortuntely, we were not able to get all of them, and I’m pretty sure the Queen Bee still was living in my hood with a bunch of her drones. I moved my car across the street to confuse the remaining stray bees as to where their Queen was. Unfortunately, due to 2 hour parking (still waiting for my residential parking permit), I had to move my car back 2 days later in the same spot the initial bee swarm occured. When I moved it back, within 4 hours, there were around 100-200 bees congregating around my hood. I had to move my car again (due to 2 hour parking), and they followed me since I’m sure they thought I was kidnapping their Queen. They followed me for a block, but once I headed right on Valencia, I jetted it and they couldn’t catch me. I parked my car 4 blocks away, and thought I had seen the last of them.

    Things had been pretty calm with my car up until yesterday. Unfortunately, due to stupid two hour parking, the only place I could park my car was on same block. Lo and behold, the bees found my car and within 4 hours, there were around 40-50 of them congregrating and swarming around the hood! I decided that enough was enough, and I expedited my 600 mile trip to San Diego a day early and headed on the highway. You’d think this would be the end of the bees, but ironically they were with me for over 20 miles – I saw the last bee take off in Redwood City. Not sure if that was the Queen…

    We’ll see what happens when I get back next week. It’ll be interesting if those bees are still waiting for me.

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