Guy With Black Eye Defends Himself, Becomes Our Hero

Remember that guy that got his ass kicked after binge drinking at Zeitgeist — and drinking beer before liquor? We kind of had a laugh at his expense, but today he defended himself in the comments section, and totally won us over:

But yes, the old adage, “beer before liquor.” I have to admit, that was my one juvenile mistake. My only excuse is that I’m new to SF and I was so awestruck to be living in this city that my judgment was temporarily skewed, which led me to continuously imbibe until I ended up a jack ass. Go ahead, you can haze me like a freshman now.

Anyway, the whole point of my missed connection was to hopefully make right a possible squabble, or just have peace of mind knowing that I fell down the stairs to the BART and only hurt myself, no one else. Please rest assured that my behavior was the result of basic human error and I’m not wandering your streets waiting to menace you. I’m just a guy with a black eye trying to smile about it.

Well, welcome to SF, and yeah we know it can be really awestriking and judgment-skewing, so be careful out there.

10 thoughts on “Guy With Black Eye Defends Himself, Becomes Our Hero”

  1. I really thought you guys were awful harsh in the original post anyway. His craigslist posting was top notch.

  2. Just a comment about the comment about his clothes being genreally douchebaggy: Dude isn’t from around here, and SF has style out the wazoo. Believe it or not, people really think it’s cool to dress like that in the rest of the country. It makes you look like an adult or something, I really don’t know what they’re thinking. Give him time to adjust, he’ll turn out just fine it looks like. He’s already discovered craigslist, I mean he’s on top of the game as far as most people just moving here are concerned. This dude has a good attitude, welcome to SF guy w/black eye.

  3. I’m two years late to respond, but I’m still fascinated by the response my vague clothing description elicited way back.

    I was wearing pretty trendy clothes, in fact. Right in line with SF mission style. The orange hoodie in my picture is part of my lounging outfit the next morn. You see, I prefer to dress “douchebaggy” right up until I leave the abode.

    “Makes you look like and adult or something?” I’m just utterly confused. Only adults wear sweaters and hats? I mean, “a hat” could be a baseball cap, fadora, derby hat, beret…

    AND…I definitely knew about Craigslist before coming here. It’s on the World Wide Web, so you know, it’s accessible. But thanks for the credit.

    Anyway, cheers to two years of blacking out in bars near you!


    The Guy with the Black Eye

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