Punch-Me-In-The-Face-Please Serenity at Cafe Gratitude

Evany, in a post titled Cafe Platitude (ha!), sums up everyone’s (most everyone’s) thoughts on everyone’s (most everyone’s) favorite neighborhood raw-food haunt:

Sadly their food is kind of tasty, jerks. But their whole shitty concept makes me so crabby, I refuse to interact with them. So like a kid getting someone to buy wine coolers at the 7-11, I sent my friend Megan (who speaks hippie) up to the Cafe Gratitude at the farmers market (where of course they have a booth), and she purchased me three I Am Insightfuls as I stood off to the side, trying not to faint from rolling my eyes so hard. As the guy handed back the change, he asked Megan, his face all punch-me-in-the-face-please serene, “So what core value do you care about most?”

Read the whole thing here.

6 thoughts on “Punch-Me-In-The-Face-Please Serenity at Cafe Gratitude”

  1. I tend to not enjoy any food that is neither meat nor deep-fried [1], so I went to Cafe Gratitude (Berkeley iteration) expecting to hate it. But I went with an open mind, hoping that I would at least enjoy it on the basis of their stupid Stuart Smalley schtick.

    I was shocked and more than a little dismayed that I not only really enjoyed the food, but was even slightly gratified by the schtick. I was really afraid that I might have to do some deep soul-searching and make major life adjustments, but was much relieved when, later that night, I had a really good time eating a corn dog and punching pandas in the face.

    Evany’s post is a hoot, so thanks for the link. I can appreciate her sentiment, in spades, but I think the best way to go about eating at Cafe Gratitude is to think of it as one of the very few theme restaurants where the food doesn’t suck.

    [1] The pinnacle for me is, of course, deep-fried meat.

  2. Question of the day for me was “How do you like feeling?” – I said clean.

    Let’s be real. They don’t cook the food and yet you can’t walk out of there paying less than 20 bucks. It must be really expensive to soak grains. This place is making a killing.

  3. I think the relatively high cost can be accounted for by fresh high quality ingredients, that it is made to order, and the fact that they always have a shit-ton of staff working at any given time.

  4. You should’ve said that your core value is to leave no trace. Leave no trace that you were ever there……………..

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