Don’t Shit on the Sidewalk

*Do* participate in interracial handshakes. But seriously, Barrio Libre seems to be a blog-based effort to clean up the neighborhood. Their mission statement specifically addresses the rise in violent crime we’ve all seen in recent months:

This summer marked a dramatic return of violence to the Mission District with night time gunfire, thefts & assaults and weekly homicides. Violence and hopelessness have become ways of life. People are shot and killed in broad daylight, and nothing is done about it. We will be advocates for this neighborhood. We will challenge the status quo. We work for a Barrio Libre (Neighborhood Freedom).

Link. Photo by reader Jen Boynton, who notes that there’s also a Spanish version of the poster. Which reminds me, shouldn’t we have a Spanish version of Mission Mission?

12 thoughts on “Don’t Shit on the Sidewalk”

  1. This isn’t a terrible idea, but the last post of their blog was in May 2007, and that was the only post made during 2007.

  2. A Spanish version of this site would be a nice effort, but largely ignored. It’s pretty obvious that the subject matter is strongly geared towards affluent English speakers who live in the Mission District, or, perhaps, come here on Fridays and puke on the sidewalk.

  3. i dunno. i think the content could…uh…evolve over time and a Spanish v. might not be such a bad idea. some of the heavier stories (shootings, for example) cover issues that effect everyone.

    hell, the effort to make a spanish v. might be a motivator for the content to evolve.

  4. well last night my friend shit on a side walk.. so i looked up is it normal to shit on sidewalks.. just to eff with her. and this came up!!!! HAHAHAHAH but its okay to shit and vandilize!!!! hahahaa

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