Dirty Doilies on Display

When I was in Indianapolis a couple weeks ago, I saw this badass exhibition at the Indiana State Museum called Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting. I loved a lot of the stuff, like the skulls below, and thought, “Boy, I can’t wait to see more.” Then I get home, and Soap Gallery tells me they’re about to debut a showcase of nothing but radical and subversive crocheted doilies, like the ones above! Thanks, Soap Gallery!

The exhibition is called When Doilies Go Bad, the artist’s name is Laura Mappin, and the opening is Saturday at 6pm. More here.

Update: There’s more over at Bender’s too:


7 thoughts on “Dirty Doilies on Display”

  1. Yeah, they’re all over Benders! I was having a grand time last night looking at all of them, drooling, wishing my great-granny’d had these doilies draped over all the arms of her fancy chairs!

  2. Tommy Lucifer—You can be humourless and not go to jail for it and the rest of us can have a sense of humour and you cannot put us in jail for ithat, so isn’t America wonderful!

    The link warned you anyway, so shut it!

    Seriously though, the penis one is gross:)

  3. wow absolutely fabulous and amazing and the artist is very creative.Would love to have some of those in my house would be a real talking point with any guests.Good on her.Oh and we aussies also have a sense of humor and i for one am not offended.

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