How About a Peace Garden in This Bleak IGA Parking Lot?

From this week’s Free Farm Stand report:

I am a big believer that gardens and trees themselves can bring healing energy to the planet and for that fact alone we need more of them. One of my crazy fantasies right now is to try to talk Delano Market into letting me plant a Peace Garden in a part of their parking lot. I live right across from it and at night a lot of stuff goes down out there, and our neighborhood besides needing some good local organic food could use some good vibe energy that gardens and nature can bring.

Link. Who can pull some strings?

Photo by romleys.

8 thoughts on “How About a Peace Garden in This Bleak IGA Parking Lot?”

  1. Yeah that parking lot is a waste of space. I’ve never seen more than 10-15 cars parked there. Everyone walks to it! I heard city car share was looking at getting some cars put there but that was awhile ago and nada. Probably too easy to vandalize. At least the recycling drop off point is gone.

  2. and it’s a pretty nice market too. nice peole work there.

    you think maybe the store should be pressured to put up a fence so shit doesn’t go down in the lot after hours? it’s their property, and they’re responsible.

    not to say that another giant fence is what we need in the hood, or that it can’t be hopped, though probably not with a shopping cart.

    (i like the garden idea, but my guess is without a fence it would quickly become someones domicile)…

    maybe you should talk to the D9 Supervisor about what goes down and how to prevent it….oh, wait. this probably wouldn’t be a priority for them as it doesn’t…well…you know where I’m going with that one….

  3. Killer idea. I use that market and I marvel at how unused that parking lot is. A garden is the ticket. Maybe work with the Slow Food Project!?

  4. Pretty sure that that market (and the rest of the DeLano properties) are losing their lease within the next year so they may not be interested.

    As for greening public/private space, we did a write-up on the subject yesterday on the subject. Check out our page or for deets

  5. I can totally see a garden being turned into a poop palace in that neighborhood……i can’t count the number of times I either step in or nearly avoid stepping in dog poo in that hood.

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