Right Now: KQED on Violence in the Mission

Jenn brings this to our attention:

Crime in the Mission

Seven people have been murdered in San Francisco’s Mission District in the past three weeks. We talk with community members, the mayor’s office and the police about what can be done to stem the increase in violence in the neighborhood.
Host: Michael Krasny

Link. Or, listen live. Also, right after, at 10am, David Simon, creator of The Wire is on.

8 thoughts on “Right Now: KQED on Violence in the Mission”

  1. I’m listening now. I don’t feel any better about our leadership. Ammiano has never impressed me. In 2006 I wrote him asking for action on the violence (if your new to this subject it’s been going on for as long as I’ve been a resident — since 1990.) I never heard boo from him. I wrote Newsom last week and one of his flacks wrote me back referencing some long range plans. But what is the short term crises plan?

  2. there is no short term plan from city gov.

    they will get some more cops out there for the time being, probably in areas visible to white folks, and do the least amount they can till people stop asking.

    eventually this murder wave will blow over, and we’ll be back to the usual ignoring of the Mission….there will be less murder for a while, but no fewer bums, crack dealers or shit on my stoop.

    granted, this gang war is a complex issue, with deep roots in a difficult, resource strapped community…and the mayor, the cops….all hogtied by the “progressive” machine and BoS.

    that said, current city gov doesn’t give a fuck about the Mission.

    we need new leadership, with a new point of view.



    Zinzin, please run for office — I will vote for you (especially if you make “Burrito Justice” your campaign slogan).

  4. Here’s the link to the playback mp3:

    [audio src="http://www.kqed.org/.stream/anon/radio/forum/2008/09/2008-09-10a-forum.mp3" /]

  5. Whoops, that didn’t work:

    [audio src="http://www.kqed.org/.stream/anon/radio/forum/2008/09/2008-09-10a-forum.mp3" /]

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