Bike Lanes for 17th Street!

There’s a planning meeting at Sports Basement tomorrow, Wednesday the 17th (natch!), at 6:30pm. SF Bicycle Coalition is spearheading the effort:

17th St. has it’s challenges, but should result in significant improvements on an important East-West Bicycle Route. Stretching from Corbett St. in the Castro to Kansas St. in Potrero Hill, this project will add bike lanes on the whole stretch. The preferred design option calls for parking removal on the stretch between Harrison and Kansas, and lane narrowing on the western portion. Train track crossings present some issues, but can be solved by shifting the bike.


One thought on “Bike Lanes for 17th Street!”

  1. Man, it would be awesome if they could also somehow magically make the cyclists obey the stop sign at 17th and Harrison – an intersection which I cross (on foot) each day going to BART and at which I have nearly been run over on multiple occasions by cyclists not bothering to even slow down. (The last time it happens the cyclist in question gave me a very guilty look and I *know* he heard me shout as I jumped back, “DUDE! There’s a STOP SIGN! It’s RIGHT HERE!” So that was a little satisfying.) Of course I do look before crossing, but it’s hard to see around the parked cars and to even get out to see the road one must step in the cyclist’s path.

    Mind you, that’s out of dozens and dozens of cyclists who haven’t run me over, but still, it’s a little bit alarming early in the morning to have a brush with serious injury! And even given all that, I think bike lanes on 17th would be sweet.

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