UFOs over the Mission?

TK spotted this on Craigslist and wrote in to say, “Figures they’d come for the Mission first.” Full text:

UFOs Over San Francisco TODAY – 22 (mission district)

Hey guys. Today was amazing.

I can’t really write too much about it for I have been talking about it all day, and into the night with folks. Some shit is going down.

I don’t know whether this is preliminary surveilance or I don;t know, The Galactic Federation of Light scoping the scene pre-October 14th, but a good friend of mine and I were at the park today and saw several unidentified flying objects. They looked exactly like the white lights in the day sky over Guadalajara from 2004. They formed a perfect isosceles triangle over Dolores Park, and many appeared afterwards.

Later on, I guess about two hours ago, they came back. The same friend I was with earlier in the day called to tell me they were out in the sky again, I ran up to my roof and saw them as well. This time at night. She saw what had to have been a thousand in a fleet over near Potrero Hill. And I saw around 10 near the mission from my roof. They move together, and fast, but they will pause and cease to travel if you stare at them for a long enough time. There was a huge streak unlike that of a shooting star or burning up space debris(I know what that looks like), and they all disappeared.

This is no joke, no lie, no delusion. I have seen it along with my friend. On TWO SEPERATE OCCASIONS TODAY. THESE ARE NOT BALLOONS. NOT SATELLITES.

I guess why I am sharing this is because I don’t know what to do with what has happened today, nor do I feel like I can openly talk about it with strangers even though I really would love to.

Anyone else in San Francisco see this?

In the coming weeks, keep thems eyes on the skies.


p.s. please email me if you saw anything and/or know someone that did!

Link (or click thumbnail to view screenshot). Thanks, TK!

23 thoughts on “UFOs over the Mission?”

  1. Everyone’s a comedian when you talk about ufos. They always make the same predictable comments because their minds are closed. These people are so used to being told what to think that it’s hard for them to step out of that box. I believe you saw these things, whatever they may be. I have also experienced various phenonoma, twice up close with multiple witnesses. It shakes your world.

  2. I was totally sober, and I saw them that day and night. It sounds like a bunch of crap, but I know what I saw. I am very analytical and looked at the ojectives before I decided that what I saw was legit. I found this online, i was the good friend that the person who wrote this was with at dolores park . At night I was walking home and saw a shit load of them. Again I am sober, not on drugs and nor am I a schizo. It’s hard to explain this to others when people are so skeptical and closed minded. I don’t know what is going on , but it clearly freaked me out. whatever we saw, we saw it twice that day and there were loads of them, flying past me over head heading west, stoping and going occassionally, unlike anything I have ever seen. We just want to know if any one else has been seeing them around here. There have also been reports that they have been around the down town area. Keep an eye out, some shit is going down

  3. This happened to me once while I was heading over to the Bayview and looking towards Bernal Hill. A bright light that travelled up and then over in very right angles.and then disappeared. The next morning I trolled Missed Connections to see if anyone else had reported the same. I deliberately did not post the information. Sure enough, there was a post confirming what I’d seen just as I had seen it. To this day I can’t imagine what it was that I saw.

    When my mom was little growing up in the Southwest, she and her sisters would go walking late at night and had similar sightings. Back then the town was smaller and you could see more stars and night sky. I’m willing to bet they were doing loads of missile and aircraft testing. I’m not ready to chalk it up to martians but I saw what I saw.

  4. My friends used to live above the Scarlet Sage Herb Co. They had a very small view of Bernal Heights Park, and once saw the same thing near the park — they claimed it was a UFO. This was in 2004.

  5. I lived above Scarlet Sage!

    Anyway, as always, there are various explanations for this. Also, if they were super visible and a lot of people saw them, don’t you think someone with a camera, or someone in the media, or some cop would’ve said something? Unless all of our minds are being controlled…

  6. To jimbeam,
    The truth is many people do not look up and many cops will not report it. Police have lost their careers over UFOs. Unless there is a complaints you not going to see them address this issue. For example in Mexico they have witnessed these “fleets” and that is what they call them since 1992. in what it is right now the biggest UFO flaps in the history of UFOs. Did you hear about it certainly not in the USA. They have been filmed these objects forming all types of geometric shapes including triangles. Were these nuts who filmed them. Cops, pilots, a Governor’s film crew…news film crews, who groups of people Airfields radar…in a constant barrage of reports… but did you hear any outrange.
    It not mind control it’s fear and the ridicule factor, exactly what you read in these comments by people who see only fools and liars, not matter how honest, sincere or credible they may be.

    Joe Capp
    UFO Media Matters
    Non-Commercial Blog

  7. I can’t be sure of the month at all. Couldn’t really say. But I would love to hear from your Scarlet Sage friends about what they saw.
    I have heard about the sightings in Mexico. Gosh I’m really sounding like a UFO nut myself. I know that once a pilot reports a sighting they are ridiculed and so many sightings go unreported.
    Anyway, if anyone else saw what I saw over Bernal Hill please chime in.

  8. I saw them on Friday Oct. 10th. I figure it was stuff for the air show that weekend. It seems like too much of a coincidence that there would be an air show that weekend and aliens happen to show up and hover around right then.

    Anyway, let me describe what I saw and it was certainly a UFO (meaning simply that it was a flying object which I could not identify, not anything more) I was sober, and there was another witness who I unfortunately do not know and do not know whether he was sober or not but seemed to be so. The other witness and I were just passing each other on the sidewalk of post street when we stopped dead in our tracks to look at this thing for about 5 minutes. It was hard to tall how far away it was or how big it was but I would say it was over pacific heights or so. At first all I saw was what appeared to be a streak of light out of the corner of my eye, So I turned and looked since I figured it was a shooting star. But then when I looked it was a series of yellow circular lights arranged in an arc. At first it wasn’t moving much so I figured it was a blimp and that I had not seen the streak of light. I wanted to dismiss it as a blimp and walk on. Thats when I looked up the sidewalk to see another person stopped dead in their tracks looking at this thing, about half a block up from me. Then I looked again and this thing accelerated and moved in a different direction. I told myself, Ok ok this must be a plane since it is going that fast and I was just looking at it coming toward me or something and thats why it seemed like it was hovering before. I thought, maybe it was one of those planes they use for advertising that is towing a banner thing behind it, and this one had lights on that streamer. Then I thought, if that’s the case then why would they just put a series of circular lights on it? What would that advertise? Then it moved straight down and hovered again. That is when I got a little freaked out. Then it slowly either moved away or went straight down, very slowly and was gone from my sight behind the buildings.

    The guy on the street started walking again and so did I. When we passed each other he said “Did you see that? What the fuck was that?”

    I told him that I figured it was a blimp or something for the airshow, We both shrugged and walked on.

    So there it is. Make of it what you will.

  9. right now(605pm) approx, 500’up and near the red twin peeks tower area are very very very low altitude bright white stationary lights….one at an angle maybe three football fields away from the other…the lower light flickers maybe from street car(s)light reflections….what are they? does any1 in the bay see these things?

  10. oh,i took a photo of the “whatever it is thingy” but as with all inexpensive point&shoots the shot is not very convincing….also,i’m neither pyscho,on dope,seeking attention,or helusinating<bad speller yes,but crazy nah!! check william coopers youtube speeches-disclosure project-just listen with an open mind….what we’ve been taught is always questionable?

  11. They are trying to give You something to hypothisize about and You are not alone within this new experiance of yours . Remember it well and see if You can gleam any material from Your now developing Mind . As of now with Your UFO experiance you will start having dreams of different nature . Youmust use these to coreolate your investigative proceses as You mature into an adult . And believe Me very soon I will help You out in MY new book which comes out in February or close to it in 2010 . So stay in there and do not and I say do not discuss this with anybody who has not had an experiance with UFOs and I might add the person who saw this with YOu will not talk about it . I thought so . Help is on the way !?!

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