Late-Night Gourmet Roach Coach: Week 2

Tonight, Mission Street Food is back in full force. Chef Anthony wrote in after last week’s big debut:

Hi, this is Anthony. Thanks to everyone who came and withstood a long wait, and sorry to anyone who came after we sold out. I was expecting a soft opening consisting of foot traffic and a couple of friends, but those friends did me the “favor” of spreading the word for the opening (as well as the favor of helping me in a pinch–thanks you guys).

Anyway, the truck came 40 minutes late and there were a few customers before I had even set foot inside to cook there for the first time ever. I was moving things in and getting organized when a friend texted me about a line in front. I will definitely be ready next week. I plan to be open every week, but in case of rain or serious mishap, I’ll post closures here:

Thanks again–it was great to see local eaters mobilize so quickly. See you Thursday.

Yessir, rapid mobilization is the stamp of us local eaters. In any case, tonight should be good. The official menu and official hours of operation can also be found at the aforementioned URL.

12 thoughts on “Late-Night Gourmet Roach Coach: Week 2”

  1. Really great food! The asian pear slaw was fantastic, as was the King Trumpet sandwich. I really liked the contrast textures and tastes in both.

    That said, it’s a bit of a stretch for folks to stand 45+ minutes for a $5 sandwich. I totally commend what these guys are doing and hope they can figure out a way to turn around their orders quickly taco truck style!

    Oh, and I hope the chick with the pit bull bitch in a prong collar doesn’t ever come back. She lost a sandwich when her dog lunged at someone else’s dog walking by on the street and then left the sandwich innards as trash on the sidewalk. You suck. Please move out of SF.

  2. Hmmm, WP seems to have eaten my post with pictures to my pictures. Click on my link above.

    Yeah, the line was long — I was 6th and it took 30 minutes, even with them taking orders in line. I hope they can optimize.

    Hicama was excellent PB & J was very good. But my favorite was the King Trumpet.

    6th law of truck food — hold your food in your non-leash hand…

  3. Dude, it’s called a bag o’ brew. And oh man, here’s what I’m doing next time, walk the food over to the Make-Out Room where they have Death & Taxes and it’s happy hour ’til 10.

  4. Fuckin fantastic eats, surpassed my expectations.

    But two things for them to do:

    – immediate dish-up

    Having folks wait more than 10 minutes for street food is atrocious. What’s worse? Try 45 minutes…. y’all gotta figure that out or else. Otherwise have the courtesy to walk down to the folks only 10-deep and say ‘your wait from this point will be 45 min or longer… god help the rest of you’

    – garbage cans

    The were non-existent. Had to walk across the street to a city can. The city ain’t gonna like that after a while.

    Get’er dun.

  5. omg — it was UHmazing. we ordered on e of each item & were blown away. yum yum yum.

    thank being said, ida know guys — i’m happy to wait 30 minutes plus for ultragourmet food served at cheap, cheap, cheap prices. i think the law of food goes something like, you either get it fast or you get it gourmet.

    after all, if youre looking for quick, there’s always the bacon hot dog cart…

    and, dunno about the garbage cans suggestion either… i mean, the mission street food is just that: mission street food.

    eat on the street, street on the eat — eat street, street eats.

  6. Hey Charles, sack up. Wow you had to walk across the street to throw your food you ate on the street? damn that sucks bro. Don’t wanna wait 45 min for amazing food on the cheap? don’t.

  7. Hey daver, no you sack up. Yer a numskull.

    missing trash cans:
    Not only is it inconsiderate to patrons not to have a can (we’d see all kinds of folks finish eating… and stand around, holding their trash… then walk down the street holding their trash… lame), there’s a chance the city will fine them if they don’t provide one! Sack yerself up there bucko!

    waiting on cheap goodeats:
    Riddle me this then… How long is too long to wait for a 5-dollar morsel?

  8. Hi, this is Anthony. Mission Street Food had another busy night in its second week. We got a little faster, but we also had more people, so the line was still pretty long. I’ve come up with some ideas for speeding things up, and I’m looking forward to trying them out next week. I think we can shorten the wait time by 50%, but given that we’ve been opening the door to a line of 30+ people, it seems like some waiting may be unavoidable—especially early on. Incidentally, wait times were under 10 minutes after 10:30.
    Overall, this is uncharted territory, and maybe part of the fun is the “only-in-the-Mission” feeling. So thanks for your patience and enthusiasm for the food. I also want to make a few menu-related announcements:
    –in response to positive feedback, we’re going to make the Asian Pear Slaw a semi-permanent offering (Sliced Asian Pear with Shredded Lettuce and Edamame in a Lime-Mint-Horseradish dressing).
    –The potatoes in the King Trumpet will be a little less salty in the future (so feel free to add bacon).
    –I wasn’t fully satisfied with the cookies baked earlier in the day, so next week the dessert will be brownies (hopefully involving molten chocolate).

  9. Hey Anthony,

    Leave the damn King Trumpets as-is! Bloody brilliant treat, next time I’ll neck down two with bacon & extra sauce -I failed to upgrade mine w/ bacon this past week. Such a fool.

    And huzzah for making the slaw a regular, hell I’d be happy having a trumpet and slaw in the same boat box.

    More suggestions:

    – come up w/ a ready-made nosh item, say like a corndog or something, that that can be bought and handed out instantly, either for folks who can’t wait or want a hit as they wait around.

    – is there a web or email address on the menu or truck for suggestions?

    – turn up the music my man, bring the hits.

    Mission Street Food : makes my belly happy.

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