Gunshots in Clarion Alley?

Reader Cyn has a question for us:

I have a deck that overlooks Clarion Alley. This morning, at 4:40 a.m., we were woken up by 21 gunshots. Does anyone know what happened??

Can anyone enlighten us on what went down in one of our favorite muraled alleys?

19 thoughts on “Gunshots in Clarion Alley?”

  1. I heard them too. But I don’t think they were gunshots cause they were really loud and each one of them was followed by a flash light. It was really strange. I live on Mission st. between 18th and 19th and they were really loud and flashy here. Does anyone know what happened?

  2. Yeah! We live on 21st & Mission and woke up to the noise, too, and I thought I saw light flashing through our curtains (firecracker?). Super loud, but we didn’t hear any sirens afterward… Would love to know what happened.

  3. on Capp bet. 19th & 20th there were a long series of booms that sounded (way) louder and…boomier….than the usual gunshots we hear twice a fucking week. they also had a more regular cadence…we didnt see any flashes.

    if they were on Clarion Alley, they probably wouldn’t have sounded as loud over here as they did.

    maybe a string of m80s on Mission? or maybe a larger caliber weapon than the usual 9 / 45 / 38?

    most likely the former, but i’m no munitions specialist.

  4. We heard it too at 20th & Mission. We thought they must have been M80s or other fireworks. Like Zinzin said, they very regular and booming.

  5. 20th and Capp here, thought they were gunshots too at first but there were to many booms in a row. Gun clips usually hold 10 rounds, or in cases of illegal hi-cap magazines 15.

  6. yeah, we heard them on 17th and Albion too. pretty sure they were fireworks due to the bright lights that followed each report.

  7. I am pretty sure they were gunshots, b/c the police came right afterward and stayed in the area for a while… Also, they were WAY too loud to be fireworks. No one knows, huh? It’s weird how this stuff is never in the news.

  8. if gunshots in the mission were always in the news, it would be 2 – 3 reports a week minimum, just from what i can hear at my house.

    you could have a section of the paper specifically dedicated….

  9. Perhaps if there actually was a section of the paper for local crime reports, The Mission might get the attention of someone in City Hall who could put some serious resources on the street. People are more interested in pet stories…

  10. I was at 21st and Valencia and heard gunshots last night. They seemed to come from the direction of Mission and 19th-ish. Anyone know what happened? Two sets of sirens followed, which I assume to be police and then ambulance/fire. I would describe the sound as a high caliber handgun. Is the frequency of Mission gun violence escalating or is this ‘normal’? I don’t live in the neighborhood.

  11. yeah, i agree. welcome to the hood. like it or not these things happen and… no, the boys in blu just cant stop the violence, the violence will not cease there are too many factors. unfortunately there are way too many factors

  12. Apparently, the Police department was conducting a test to see if they could determine the location of gunshots in various locations of the mission. The test was done last night 12/18.

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