Have You Seen This Bike?

Somebody stole JimBeam’s bike! It’s a 58cm Olmo, like the one pictured above but a more burnished orange, and “has some rust on the piece connecting from the pedals to the back wheel.” The crime took place here in the neighborhood between 7 and 8pm on Friday night. Be on the lookout! Link.

Photo courtesy of Kettenlinie Coeln.

6 thoughts on “Have You Seen This Bike?”

  1. what streets was it stolen from? was it left outside overnight? Bike thieves suck. Check the flea markets and civic center for a crack head needing 10 bucks.

  2. It was stolen from 26th street near Dolores. The bike was inside, on my landing, not visible from the street. I live in a 4 unit building and the bike was stolen between 7pm and 8pm. I was home and didn’t hear anyone get buzzed in.

    I am thinking it might be the people who’d been working on the back deck.

  3. Bike theft is way out of control in the Mission!

    Maybe the cops will do something about it…NOT!!!

    Bike theft is a felony. I guess the SFPD ddn’t get their donuts today.

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