BART Boner

This thing was staring at me the whole BART ride today. I thought it was going to jump out and bite me!

Author: Tomi Laine Clark

Tomi Laine Clark is a dangerously irreverent San Francisco based writer on an intrepid quest to break every single rule.

21 thoughts on “BART Boner”

  1. Oh dear. The erection, and the flip-flops. Ma’am, your bare feet are perilously close to the bart floor. These two are like overgrown 12-year-olds.

  2. Seriously people grow the f*$k up, if someone wants to post something amusing like this on THEIR website, then GET OVER IT. Two thumbs up for the find but I agree with Conor thats not a hard on hes just got alot of business.

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