Hater Tries to Spoil Mission Street Food Fun

Last night, we got to Mission Street Food at 7:55 and the line was already half a block long. In addition to this, some maniac was causing a commotion up front shouting something about permitting. We were very hungry, so we went to La Taqueria instead. Undaunted, Burrito Justice stuck it out and got the full story, and some interesting photos (like the one above). Also, bacon. Link.

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11 thoughts on “Hater Tries to Spoil Mission Street Food Fun”

  1. Haha. Was it an Asian girl with a denim skirt and a bottle of white wine? We saw her accost a guy she kind of knew saying, “YOU, YOU’RE AN OPTICIAN!” or something like that, “I MET YOU AT A PARTY!” The optician was very polite.

  2. whatever, we’ve all been there, but she (or her friends should’ve helped her) should have just taken her ticket, now instead of $30 for open container, she got $60 for drunk in public.
    What the cops wasted their time on was that poor professional looking guy (complete with breifcase!) being totally chill and giving that guy an open container.

  3. I actually would have stayed in line if it wasn’t for her. She was a total buzz-kill for my “roll out of bed and eat food, then go home and take off your pants and watch SouthPark” mentality.

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