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Hippie Parents Don’t Really Care About Your Wellbeing?

November 30, 2008

Imsoooconfused lost his Amtrak tickets, couldn’t make it home for Thanksgiving, and got into a frightful three-way phone conversation with his maybe-hippie parents. But hopefully this thrilling video reenactment makes it all worth it :(

Pizza Party

November 30, 2008

This short film looks at a day in the life of a dude who does nothing but eat pizza, all day. Dolores Park and our acquaintance Britte Marsh both make key cameos.

Dolores Park Ladies Room Graffiti

November 30, 2008

Katie ventured inside and found this good stuff.

Collision: Hog vs. Pickup

November 30, 2008

Ha! Total coincidence: As I’m loading up these pictures, iTunes is on shuffle, and I get “If I Had Words” from the Babe soundtrack! That’ll do, iTunes.

This scene occurred on San Jose somewhere around 30th, at like 2:45pm, Sunday.

Tagging the Bejesus out of the Dolores Park Bathroom Building

November 30, 2008

What’s the deal? Get it prettier at least.

We Love Bart Davenport

November 30, 2008

Legendary Oakland musician Bart Davenport‘s latest album Palaces is really good. This is the video for the first single; it has girls and juggling and xylophone glockenspiel.

The whole rest of the album is great too, but I want to mention two songs in particular. “Freeway Flowers” is a love song from the point of view of a Bay Area resident lost in Los Angeles. It begins, “Don’t know the 10 from the 110…” Been there! The next one is one called “Yerba Buena,” which I think is about being from Oakland and dating someone who lives in the city. Right at the beginning, it mentions the Make-Out Room and 12 Galaxies. Both songs, and all the rest can be sampled (and purchased) here.

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Post-Buy-Nothing-Day Really Really Free Market in Dolores Park

November 29, 2008

Whether or not you held it together and really bought nothing on Buy Nothing Day yesterday, you can at least celebrate some of its principles and do some really really free holiday shopping at today’s Really Really Free Market in the park. (via funcheapSF)