The Kids Are United

Many machines on lx, in a post titled The Mission kids love Obama, notes:

The kids are anywhere from 8 to 14; enthusiasm is uniform.  Their schools did polls and he won with numbers like 451-30.  They wear Obama t-shirts, stickers on their cheeks.  They quiz every adult in sight to make sure they voted the right way.

I remember being really excited about Michael Dukakis when I was 7, but I have a feeling this is different.

4 thoughts on “The Kids Are United”

  1. I was at Mission and Valencia at about 10pm last night when a car with three teenage girls drove up and stopped in front of me at the light.

    They asked, “Did you voted today?”

    I said yeah and they asked me who I voted for.


    Pause. Oh, he means OBAMA! They laughed as they sped off.

  2. The kids I was writing about (I write Many Machines, to the extent that anything is written there at all) are the kids I tutor at 826 Valencia. They were basically uncontrollable yesterday, due to excitement. It will be fun to see what they’re like next week, now that it’s happened.

    I voted for Reagan in 84, in my second grade class. (My parents were Mondale supporters.) I think my logic was that basically, hey — he’s already president. That makes him qualified to be president!

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