5 thoughts on “Palace Family Steak House Theme Song”

  1. Well he either better die soon or just settle for doing it a little earlier. I saw this business and the apartment above it listed on Craigslist in the For Sale section. Nothing bad. I guess the guy is retiring after 30 years. Good for him.

  2. I live in the apartment complex above the palace family steak house and this song is thusly very important to my life.

    I should probably eat a steak there before it’s gone forever. I wonder what will happen to their choice corner parking lot.

  3. i ate their years ‘n years ago, like mid 90’s. it sucked. but the vintage 70’s decore was kinda cool.

    fyi- the best place for 70’s decore is the chicken-coop on upper mission st. trust me on this one.

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