Breaking News: Bagel Alien is Not Coming Back

Reader mcas did some digging, talked to a Katz Bagels night-shift bagel maker named Ray, and found that…

they are not closing, and not stopping selling bagels… they are just trying to go more late-night focused bc that’s where the money is.  the bagel alien is not coming back though and they couldn’t understand why i cared.

Sad! Thanks, mcas.

Update: jwz hips us to a pretty solid comment by Ciaran.


Bagel Injustice on Mission Mission.

What’s Going on Here, Katz Bagels? on SFist.

5 thoughts on “Breaking News: Bagel Alien is Not Coming Back”

  1. it’s all true: I’d asked about some earlier sign changes, and it seemed that they wanted to only be known as “Katz” and drop the eponymous “bagels” bit in a bid to be taken more seriously as a pizza joint. there are also rumors of an expanding menu. bah to seriousness, I want the little guy back.

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