Frank Chu is on Twitter


Maybe. And he’s talking about Wall-E. Maybe. You be the judge. (via PSA by Todd Lappin)


Adios, 12 Galaxies on Mission Mission.

Frank Chu Located on Google Maps Street View on Laughing Squid.

6 thoughts on “Frank Chu is on Twitter”

  1. Various pieces of circumstantial evidence that this is NOT Frank Chu (besides his mobile being “shut off”; actually, it communicates via gravito-magnetic waves with all 12 galaxies).
    This twitter is just too earth-pedestrian and earth-rational to be Frank.
    Frank’s palette includes much farther-flung constructs than used in this twitter; he has no need of earth-film references, much less agents. This twitter is also neither Dectrological nor Omegalogical.
    Plus, why would Frank need Stanton when he has the backing of the powerful Zegnatronic galaxy? Why would he need Wall-E when he is actually in “The Richest Family” all the time? Why? Perhaps this twittered was issued by a guiltied party such as Clinton!
    The lack of connection with patterns and elements of Frank’s universe and artistic palette leads me to suspect a fake.
    Frank doesn’t just believe in the world of some Hollywood movie that is much less elaborated than his own signs.

  2. I remember back when earth-pedestrian aliens could afford to live in the Mission. But now, even with the backing of the Zegnatronic galaxy I can barely afford rent, never mind signs. (Those sticky letters add up.)

    But even back then I wouldn’t hit 16th and Mission. Will someone clean that place the fuck up?


  3. you haven’t lived until you’ve seen Mirkarimi and Gonzalez drop off a very red-faced drunk Frank Chu at the Trans-Bay Terminal just in time to catch the next N bus to Oakland.

    Anyone who had would know this is not Frank Chu and that a gorgon is snake-haired lady like Medusa.

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