More Mission Mappage


First, Jesse wrote in to ask for a little help from the Mission Mission community:

Do I live in the Mission?

I vote yes – many others vote no.

I live off 24th street, in between Portrero  and the 101.  I claim
this makes me live in the mission, since I NEVER head up the hill for
anything.  Instead, when going out, I nearly always trek down 24th
street into the Mission for fun and activities.  However, many others
are adamant that Portrero is the dividing line and I in fact live on
Portrero hill.  Nevermind that it’s flat here.

So help me MissionMission – do i live in the Mission?   Or do I have
to invent some strange nether region name for my area?  Portrero
Flats?  Missiontrero? Port-o-Mission?

– Jesse

PS – helpful map included, because that’s how we roll in the SFGH
parking neighborhood.

Then, we were over at Burrito Justice and spotted this artful bit of cartography that highlights my favorite Mission microhood, La Lengua:

Link. (T-shirt coming soon, Johnny?)

17 thoughts on “More Mission Mappage”

  1. ‘Mission’ isn’t about where YOU live- it’s where your HEART resides.

    It’s not about who you pay rent to- it’s where you eat, drink, socialize, and love.


    West-side of Guerrero St. (making me officially Castro)….

  2. @ Jesse: Fair enough. I forgot about that little enclave of freewayside deliciousness. I did, I’d like to point out, begin my original comment by saying that the borders are “porous.” I should also have added how contentious they are. I mean, it’s almost like declaring without a doubt the best burrito in town, for fuck’s sake ;)

  3. He lives in the TwenPo! (c) 2007. I would like to see this term in wider-spread use than the three who know and use it now, because it’s awfully evocative, don’t you think?

  4. The zipcode calls that area the Mission I think, but I’d call it Hospital Runoff (eew).

    PS, not the same Jesse but I’ll be saying with friends in that hood tonight! woo!

  5. I think of it as SFGH’s armpit. Surprisingly though, it’s a darn cool place. Well worth a walk around if you need to catch a smoke break after getting an emergency appendectomy.

  6. In all honesty, I don’t see how the Potreans can claim it. Those hill people are something else — I mean, outside of MiHosPo being flat, there’s a damn highway, and everyone knows a bridge means a different neighborhood.

    Speaking of which, thank god the planners never built that freeway down Mission like they wanted to in the 50s. These maps send shivers down my spine:

    If it weren’t for the 1959 freeway revolt, the Mission would be a different place.

    They also wanted one *through* Glen Canyon if you can believe it.

  7. Ha, Plug1 beat me to it:

    The fast that you live anywhere near something called “the won-oh-won” indicates you live in LA.

    On topic: I’d say that area is Mission-ish in character, but it’s def an edge case… it has its own unique character that’s different from the big, square, flat area on the other side of the freeway on-ramp that is Potrero.

    There’s a similar no-man’s land on this side of the freeway but that side of potrero btw 18th and Division. It has less of an identity crisis because NEMIZ and ShowPlace square are more diffusely-identified neighborhoods, but it’s definitely a similarly often-ignored area with a surprising number of people in it.

  8. Remember folks the edge places where one region butts against the other is where all the conflict occurs. Think the Scottish Lowlands, think Belgium, Alsace, and the Balkans So with any hope the fuckers on my block in El Corazon will migrate their violence over to the edge (kidding of course) So is it 103 murders with the one on 22nd last night or 97. Did Carl Nolte mention it’s not safe?

  9. Come plant the middle of Guerrero on 12/6 (between 22nd and 21st Streets). There’s no better response to a murder than to meet some neighbors and do something productive together. 9am to 2pm. I got involved in the Mission in 2001 when my neighbor across the street was stabbed (10X) to death and nobody called it in because no one heard him screaming…3 doors from St. Luke’s ER. We’re all here together. Happy Thanksgiving!

  10. My very understanding of positional reality was recently called into question when I was inadvertently corrected at the polls. Until recently I always responded to the “which neighborhood do you live in” inquiry with a simple “the Mission”. Sometimes I would add an “East”, i.e. “I live in East Mission”. But my sense of belonging to the Mission was rejected on Nov. 4 when I was unable to vote for a District 14 Supervisor candidate (the Mission/Bernal district). This awakening forced me to adapt my answer to something like, “Oh you know, the East Mission, well, really base of Portrero Hill, but still on the flat, you know, that corner of the Mission slash Potrero over by the hospital and the new skate park.” But then again, people don’t get shot on Potrero Hill. But they do in EOPO.

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