Parking Retard

Great parking nightmare story over at bunny land:

Last night, there were no parking places on my usual street. Well, there were a few, but they were just a few feet behind a big rusty pickup with fraternity letters and no rear visibility, and a few feet behind a junk truck with no visibility.

So, I parked at a small stretch of curb between two driveways. I avoid this spot, because the first time I parked there, when I came out in the morning there were notes on my scooter.

Well, it’s a legal spot, you can’t rent a curb, there was no where else, so I parked there. I have actively been avoiding this spot, since I got the note, because anyone dumb enough to think that they can rent a spot on a public street is not someone I want to deal with.

This morning I made sure to bring a pen, just in case I needed to respond to a note.

But no.

When I turn the corner, my scooter is parked on the sidewalk. And there are two people getting into a car that is parked where my scooter was when I left it last night.

“Hey did you move my scooter?”

Oh my god! See out it ends, here. (Thanks, Eve!)

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10 Comments on “Parking Retard”

  1. dorf Says:

    post the location!!

  2. Allan Hough Says:

    bunny land posted it!!

  3. Steve Says:

    God I fucking hate people. It’s a $100 ticket if the DPT happens by while your bike is parked on the sidewalk. Speaking from experience, they’re not interested in whether you put it there, or some asshole who wanted your space did.

  4. Greg Samsa Says:

    Clearly this person was in the wrong for moving your scooter. But your “yelling the whole time at 8:30 in the morning” seems like a real bone-headed strategy for resolving this dispute.

  5. zinzin Says:

    o driveways. always the source of such strong emotion.

  6. johnny0 Says:

    Look — LA is just the same as here! (Except they didn’t say “thanks!” on the windshield.)

    Wait — if the note is still there, either the driver didn’t even notice it, or they are proud of it. So LA *is* different than here.

  7. Grandma Joseph Says:

    Look, where would the mission be without a terrible scooter scrooge attacking people that are at the mercy of terrible landlords?

    I bet it’s just so hard to ride around town with your iphone strapped onto your jock and your lip quivering ever-so-self-righteously on a stupid blog. Man, what I wouldn’t give to meet that guy at Tartine later! I’m willing to wager he’s writing a little wiki right now about how to be a Caucasian with a fetish for almost-motorcycles.

    And for the record, really cool of him to post her/his address. Hope that guy burns in scooter parking hell!

  8. wholefoodz III Says:

    Haha, sounds like Scooter Operator has some unresolved issues regarding scooting and scoot-parking. Is it just me, or is that about the nicest, most detailed note one could hope for (better than the hands-on, angry approach of the LA linked comment above) explaining the parking situation? I mean, this is SF, a city with a famous lack-of-parking issue…and don’t you drive a scooter so that a. you emit less/consume less fuel; and b. can park more easily than 99.99% of the population? Seems like Scooter Operator (3 notes none-the-wiser) doesn’t realize that not every parking situation in the city is chiseled into the law books, and plenty of people do what they can to try to make accommodations for the lack of parking.

    And what’s up with the use of the word “retard?” You have something against the mentally handicapped? Or are you just that ignorant? And the “beat up pickup stuffed with laborers?” What? They don’t deserve that space, but you, the privileged Scooter Operator do? And who keeps three notes as their own little trophies?

  9. Allan Hough Says:

    Sorry about the retard thing. Not ignorant, just irreverent.

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