Mission Mission Yearbook 2008

In case anybody missed anything:


I junked my old Volvo.


Katie started her “Bars of the Mission” series.


We made a movie about cruising through the FasTrak lane with no transponder.


Mystery machine outside Zeitgeist.


Johnny0 found Mission burritos in Berlin.


We got into fix-push skateboarding.


Lael spotted Nuclear Care Bear; I spotted Nunplussed Lunchbox.


Bee attack!


Driveway poop attack!


Squash attack!


I wrote an essay about Los Angeles.


Somebody cut a rabbit’s face off.

All in all, 2008 was pretty delightful. I mean it. Thanks to all readers, commenters and contributors for making this thing what it is. Party hearty!

Radio Show

On Christmas, I got to be a substitute DJ at my sister’s radio station. It was a family affair, so the first bit was my sister, the second bit was my cousin, the third bit was my ex-girlfriend, and the last 90 minutes was me. You can dance to most all of it I’m pretty sure. I played a fair amount of local stuff, including some Omer. If you want to listen, it can be streamed for the next 24 hours or so at the KDVS website.

First two hours.

Third hour.

Fourth hour.

If You Want to Dance, Dance, Dance

Airfix Kits‘ most recent MySpace bulletin:

Get yourself down to the Casanova (Valencia & 16th) in SF tonight where I’ll be spinning some choice finds from my recent tour of Glasgow record shop 50p bins from 9pm til 2am. Phil will be on hand to jump in when I collapse with sheer exhaustion from the exertion of playing so many goddamn burners.
see you there!
– Allan (& Phil) Airfix Kits

Myles the FREE Barber


Myles from Imsoooconfused has found his calling, and while he prepares to go pro, he’s offering freebies:

I can make your dreams come true.

HOURS 8am-1pm (then my siesta) 7pm-11:45pm

Man hair cuts for free at my apartment in the Mission (or I can come to your house). If you want to tip, all money will go to your choice of Woman Inc. or Magnet SF.

Haircuts are free until I get my license.

I can do all looks to suit your personal style persuasion. Scissor cuts or clippers.

Contact info at the Myles the FREE Barber Facebook Page.

Sacramento .02 Mile Scenic Drive Thru Sign Pays Homage to SF 49 Mile Scenic Drive Signs

I posted this originally about a year ago, but that was back before anybody was reading. Anyway, I got tacos at Jimboy’s today, and they really hit the spot, so here it is again.


.02 Mile Scenic Drive-Thru Sign at Jimboy’s Tacos in Sacramento Pokes Fun at San Francisco’s 49-Mile Scenic Drive Signs