$8 All-You-Can-Drink Beer

Sexpigeon reports that Truck is hosting a neighborhood cleanup fundraiser this Saturday from 4-8pm, at which patrons can pay just $8 for ALL-YOU-CAN-DRINK BEER. Please binge responsibly. Link.

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4 Comments on “$8 All-You-Can-Drink Beer”

  1. zinzin Says:

    that is awesome.

  2. plumpy Says:

    I once had a birthday party at this place that let you free drink beer and wine for an hour with 9 friends on your birthday. It doesn’t matter how mature you are, nothing encourages fratboy-style binge drinking like telling you that you have an hour to drink as much as possible, but after that you have to pay.

    The waitress said my party had set a new record. Within 20 minutes the owner had thrown us all out. Hooray!

  3. Drew Says:

    But this is for 4 hours, and it’s a gay bar, so most of the fratty BS just doesn’t happen. Public sex, on the other hand, is a different matter entirely! Gawd I love beer busts, and Shotwell St. too for that matter!

  4. […] and crunches isn’t too big of a commitment. i’m hooked! – i will probably be here on saturday night. i’m telling everyone right now — get there early! – i’m […]

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