Tuesday Night at Pop’s


Tuesday night at Pop’s is my new  favorite place to be. It’s not too packed, pitchers of Pabst are $5, and the bartendress leads some epic Journey and Thin Lizzy singalongs. It also helped that I was there with Broke-Ass Stuart, who taught me that the singer from Thin Lizzy is half black and that since they’re Irish they pronounce their own name “Tin Lizzy,” and that thin lizzy maybe means dildo.

7 thoughts on “Tuesday Night at Pop’s”

  1. Tin lizzy is the nick name for the model T and also the name of the comic book character the band took the name from. It was changed from tin to thin as a play on Irish accent

  2. And here I am hanging out at The Inner Mission for $2 Tuesdays. $5 PBR pitchers is a way better deal than $2 PBR bottles!

    (We all know I’m never gonna stop hanging out at T.I.M. no matter how cheap pitchers are other places.)

  3. Shhh, don’t tell more people about Pop’s!!! They have a bunch of good happy hour specials that change daily. And the bartenders will give you money to put in the jukebox.

    I’m glad its there, because I’ve learned to hate Dirty Thieves and I need my neighborhood bar in stumbling distance.

  4. 1.) Seriously don’t tell people about Pop’s; it’s far too rad for the average person.

    2.) Actually they have Terminator 2 pinball which is fucking sick!

    3.) The diner across the street (e.g. St. Francis) is awesome – especially after a few $5 dollar pitchers.

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