Who Wants Some Bees?


From Craigslist:

I’m looking for a place to keep my bees! It benefits gardens and flowering trees within a four mile radius, and it also offers a tasty supply of delicious local honey made in your backyard! More than a quarter of the bee colonies in the United States were wiped out from colony collapse disorder, putting about one-third of the food we eat at risk of remaining unpollinated.

Please support this urban beekeeper, and help me give these bees a home!

Needs for a hive:

I only require about access to the hive for about 45 minutes to an hour each week.

Bees need privacy! The hive shouldn’t be able to be seen from the street – some beekeepers have their hives stolen!

Sunlight makes happy bees- The hive should have plenty of sunlight – near a north-facing wall or fence is perfect!

Rooftops, backyards, junkyards, fields, bees can be happy almost anywhere!

I can either pay a small leasing fee to keep my bees on your property, or I am happy to offer you some delicious honey in trade. Let me know!



Bee Attack!

Meet the Emergency Bee Keeper

6 thoughts on “Who Wants Some Bees?”

  1. As an SF beekeeper I can say that bees are chill as heck and don’t bother you unless you are in their hive messing around with the contents. Also, local honey is good for people with allergies cuz you’re digesting local plant goodness and shit. Lastly, and most importantly, local, raw honey is crazy good, way better than store-bought pasteurized crap.

  2. Beekeeping is all well and good if you’re cool with siccing maggots on your baby bees to “clean out” the honeycombs after harvesting the honey. Seeing a video of such a procedure made me sad for the bees. Is this commonly done? It’s kind of horrible to watch.

  3. @br: Mission Pie sells a number of different local honeys. They have tons!

    @meave: I don’t do that, but in order to maintain the hives you do need to slice out excess comb which kills some baby bees in the process. It’s really disgusting, they’re all white and larvae-y.

  4. @br Rainbow has an extensive selection of raw local honeys, and Mission Pie has a couple of great noe valley and castro selections.

    @Meave: Never had to use maggots, and I’ve never had to kill baby bees. Maybe that’s more common with commercial operations.

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