Another Trippy Old Map

This one comes courtesy of Todd Lappin. Lucky bastard has this beauty hanging on his wall at home (Click on it to see everything in much greater detail). Note that some of us are living in areas that once were called such fanciful things as Beatty Willows, Horner’s Addition, Franconia, and Section 16.

And that the street north of Army was called Navy! How do you like them apples?

Thanks, Todd!

10 thoughts on “Another Trippy Old Map”

  1. There is a proposal out there to restore the creek and serpentine routing of Army, ahem, Cesar Chavez. It’s a crazy idea, but it would really be cool. At the very least the section from 101 to Valencia should be re-striped and planted with trees making for a grand entrance to our lovely barrio.

  2. I’d be all over that. I’d heard about the medians through Gillian and Greening Guerrero, but I like re-serpentining better. “That road” really sucks as it is.

    While they’re at it, they can run light rail to the 22nd St Caltrain station so my car doesn’t get broken into on Pennsylvania. That station is so close, yet so far.

  3. Hey, johnny0, thanks for the plug. The Cesar Chavez Street Design calls for serpentining the median plantings in order to pay homage to the path of the Islais Creek: Hard to serpentine a roadway that carries nearly 40K vehicles per day…gotta do something about that first. Maybe the counts will go down once the PUC rips “That road” up between San Jose Avenue and 101 to install a secondary sewer.

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