Chatter in the Hall: Medjool Illegal?

The portion of today’s hearings prior to the American Apparel portion was devoted to recent New Mission Theater news. Apparently, at one point, one of the planning commissioners said something to the effect of, “It’s come to my attention that the nightclub on the roof of Medjool might be illegal.”

Wha? I had to get back to my dayjob, so could not investigate. Did anything come of this?

P.S. Regarding the liveblogging of the AA thing, I tried. But I had to get back to the office. Andy Wright of SF Weekly is on the scene with a reporter’s notebook and everything, and she promises to call me the minute anything exciting happens. Right after she calls her office of course.

3 thoughts on “Chatter in the Hall: Medjool Illegal?”

  1. The AA brouhaha was so much misplaced effort. I think Chicken George participated only as an art project, does he really care? It seems to me that the owner of Medjool getting an insider deal from Gavin Newsom to build higher than allowed in the Mission is worth the sturm and drang that was the misplaced AA agitprop. There is a master paln for the Mission that went through a very long a public process. It should be followed.

    And there’s another thing happening, Obama appealed to us to imagine an alternative to the conventional, to turn over the fossilized and failed politics of the past. We bought that image, we want it, but it is in danger of being lost. The depression upon us is as serious as serious can be, it’s scary. Yet the proposals coming from Geitner and Summers are more of the same, perhaps another side of a coin, but that bad penny, should be thrown down to the ground. We must, as citizens, empowered by the recent election, with its two-way network enabled discourse, hold Obama accountable to the dream he offered.

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