Drive-By Shooting in the Mission?

Says Kevin Montgomery:

Drive by shooting in front of my house. 4 shots fired. I don’t think I see any bodies. You stay classy, Mission


Update: Jason Schlachet corroborates:

were those gunshots i heard with the loud car going down Capp st? not yet familiar with what a drive-by sounds like


15 thoughts on “Drive-By Shooting in the Mission?”

  1. 23rd and Capp. Basically a really loud car went screaming down from 22nd and fired the shots around the 23rd and Capp intersection, peeled off and sped away. Of course, no cops ever showed up to check it out.

    From what I can tell, Capp St. between 22nd and 23rd is one of the more intense blocks on the street for crime. I see drug deals multiple times a day, both in the broad daylight and night time. If you see people sitting against the chain fence or parked in a car along the fence, there is a good chance there is about to be a drug deal. Just last week I saw prostitutes move onto the block (they used to not come over from South Van Ness). The police do not really seem to care about the crime on this block. That said, the residents seem so accustomed to that they don’t care, so I sincerely doubt there is much pressure on them to clean it up. Occasionally I see a cop bust someone, but it really only happens once, maybe twice, a month.

    The biggest drug bust I saw happened about a month ago: They searched everyone, some vehicles and ran the IDs of everyone. It took about an hour and they ultimately let them go. Paperwork is a bitch.

  2. I’m aimin’ to get on that. based on capp (like me) but really a Mission Dwellers assoc.

    Fuck i been aimin’ to do it for months. that said, there likely IS an association on lower capp…someone once posted a long list of associations in the hood. maybe allan can drum it up… i know there’s nothing up toward 16th, no one wants to even try.

    on my block it’s more ho’s than dealers (and almost all young ladies of apparent african american descent, so you know they ain’t from the hood), but that’s just what’s visible. i walk the dog every night 11 – 12, sometimes later…and that’s what we got.

    i guess i’d pick ho’s over dealers because of the potential for violence, but the used condom effluvia is a bit of a horror show.

    that said, if you call 553-0123, the cops will generally come. i have found that a consistent attitude regarding calling the cops will reduce the general mayhem on the block. some nights i call em 3 or 4 times.

  3. I’m on 22nd/SVN. I did not hear these shots but I hear screeching tires ALL the time. I agree that Capp between 23rd and 22nd is pretty bad–especially on the west side of the street, against that parking lot. What is it with the buckets of garbage spilled out all over the sidewalk?

    However, I must say that the guy who cleans El Trebol and the sidewalks around it (older guy, the owner?) every morning is nice, always saying hello and I love the smell of cleaning products and hot water.

  4. I live on Capp b/t 22nd and 23rd and I don’t see the constant stream of drug deals that Monty mentions, although it’s far from a desirable atmosphere. It’s mainly just lots of trash from the homeless and drunk dudes from El Trebol taking a leak behind cars. I didn’t hear any shots last night, but I was in my room watching a movie so who knows.

  5. Heard the gunshots and the car. My old room mate Robert always thought Capp and Shotwell perfectly named.

    Capp seems too wide to me. Its ripe for a do-over, wide tree-lined sidewalks, narrowing the street. It could be a very gracious avenue instead of what it is.

    I don’t know that one has anything to do with the other, I’m just sick of cars first. The bike lane posting on sfist was sad to me. Why aren’t all of the streets re-striped? Why is the bike plan so puny? Why do the north south streets in the mission have to serve as an alternate for 101? Where’s our stimulus money? I want a 30th st BART too.

    I read a great article on about winners and losers in depression 2.0. Guess what, Detroit big loser, Northern California big winner. Marc Andreeson on Charlie Rose was bully on us too. Lets get started now. A new Capp a new day!

  6. The first drive by I ever witnessed was at Capp and 24th. It was outside my first SF apartment 4 years ago. Of course it freaked me out, so I spent the next 4 days in my girlfriend’s apartment on 25th and Florida… on the 4th day I saw my second drive by. Shit like this comes in goes in the Mission, often you can feel the tension in the air, like a thick fog. I’ve learned to just stay inside when I get that feeling, but that was one hell of a week.

    7 days after the drive by I saw a junkie play chicken with an oncoming motorcycle and lose. He didn’t survive, but luckily both of the motorists where conscious (but I don’t know if they could move or what). I remember that was nearly a time I just packed up all my shit and moved back east. It was just too much crazy for a small town guy like myself to handle.

  7. Did you ever get your you Capp street association going? We’ve got one at Treat and 21st but mostly dealing with crime/safety issues.

  8. There was a shooting tonight (6/28/09) on Florida between 21st and 20th, just a few doors down from the Pink Palace. We heard some shots and then a few minutes later there where police and emergency vehicles on the scene. We went out to check it out and by that time the ENT’s had taken the victim away.
    I was standing by a woman giving her statement to the police when my friend noticed two shell casings at my feet. I told the police and they roped off the area.

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