Gunmen Nabbed

From Mission Station Newsletter

By Captain Stephen Tacchini

Over the past couple of weeks, there have been several street robberies committed in the Mission District. Through prompt response, quick thinking and organized efforts, officers from Mission Station made several outstanding arrests of persons responsible for those crimes. I am confident those arrests will significantly impact the incidence of future robberies. Often one or two suspects for any crime may be responsible for a significant amount of crimes in a geographical area and their capture greatly reduces the incidence of that crime.

One recent case in particular stands out. A robbery of two men on a street occurred where the suspects pointed a shotgun at the victims and demanded their valuables. The suspects ran away and were observed by the victims to be on a specific block when officers arrived on the scene. Alert officers secured the area and began a slow, methodical search of the block. One officer noticed a woman looking out of her front window and his instincts told him there was something wrong with the way she was looking at him. He went up the stairs of her house and knocked on the door and calmly and quietly asked her if everything was alright. She responded by shaking her head and motioning towards the back of her house. The officers acted quickly and deliberately and entered the house, finding one of the robbery suspects sitting in the living room. He was taken into custody without incident, and it was learned later, he had warned the woman not to say anything to the Police when they knocked on her door. In this case the suspect could easily have been overlooked and escaped, except for the alert and perceptive officer who followed his instincts and pursued things just a little further. Even more important was the courage of the woman to look out the window, make eye contact with the officer and through non-verbal means, convey a sense of fear and urgency.

This is just one example of the excellent work done on a daily basis by the officers of Mission Station. I am very proud of the work they do and you should be too!

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5 thoughts on “Gunmen Nabbed”

  1. It’s all feely goody until that c-bag Kamala Harris releases those two perps and they kill or further terrorize that woman for getting them pinched.

    Yeah, smart move seeing as the perps already victimized her once before.

    Well done publicizing it.


  2. It’s nice to see this trash being finally picked up by the SFPD.

    Wouldn’t it be easier if we, as responsible citizens, were allowed to defend ourselves?

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