Yammy Dead Drop


I’m waiting at a red light this morning, and across the way I see a woman backing toward this chain-link fence. She stands for a moment, then surreptitiously releases the contents of her plastic bag onto the sidewalk.

Body language is 70% East Berlin spy hunter, 30% Mission District little old lady. She crumples up her bag and promptly vacates the scene.


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7 Comments on “Yammy Dead Drop”

  1. salsa Says:

    There’s a garbage can ~15 yards ahead, you old bag!!

  2. Allan Hough Says:

    That’s why I think it was a dead drop or signal of some kind. Some operative checks that corner every morning, and if they see a pile of orange vegetable matter it means they have to assassinate [REDACTED].

  3. ats Says:

    My guess is that it was a spirit offering of some kind, Santeria or Candomble or Voudou or similar. A lot of times these spirits want offerings left at specific places – crossroads, banks, running water, etc. This may be a crossroads offering.

  4. Brock Says:

    aw, she’s feeding the birds! maybe?

  5. johnny0 Says:

    Big yam — if it is a sacrifice, not really sure I want to run into the bird it’s keeping away.

  6. Junk Thief Says:

    Is there actually a difference between an East Berlin spy hunter and a Mission District little old lady?

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