Mopeds on the Freeway (Video)

What happens when a bunch of dinky little mopeds hop on 280 between King Street and Mariposa? Watch this video and find out.

[via F&B]


Mopeds Are Stupid? (Note the fateful comment by one “Tad Benton.”)

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18 Comments on “Mopeds on the Freeway (Video)”

  1. Jim Says:

    Nice bit of red light running on 5th street there – that’s a good way to die.

    They must have had a tailwind to make it up the onramp

  2. SimonSays Says:

    Wow! That was epic! As in super lame!

  3. HalibetLector Says:

    What happens when a bunch of dinky little mopeds hop on 280 between King Street and Mariposa?

    Absolutely nothing?

  4. wet blanket Says:

    did i miss something?

  5. Allan Hough Says:

    What, am I the only one that can appreciate a bit of suspense without a big cinematic payoff?

  6. C. Says:

    I can appreciate ALL of these comments, as well as the video! Awesome.
    I believe this demonstrates something very important about DRAMA. Toward this – SimonSays and Allan, I especially appreciate your comments! What is “super lame” (and temporally extended) in a one context is “epic” in another. When what is conventional about a setting is juxtaposed with what is not (even only as a premise or surmise, as in Hitchcock), the mere temporal extension of the juxtaposition creates dramatic tension. On a moped, just not getting hit by some dude in an automobile blasting up the 6th St. onramp onto 280 – and not getting pulled over by a CHP cruiser on its way from the Mariposa exit up Pennsylvania to 18th and Farley’s – is a hero’s journey. The call? As Mallory said of Everest, “Because it’s there!” (however, he remained there).
    Are any of those moped kids the ones who work at Farley’s?
    Mopeds rule. Plus, they are so fashionable. There should be a “Moped Stylz” calendar, with fashionable mopeds and their owners.

  7. johnny0 Says:

    Everyone knows you have to stay on until Cesar Chavez to be epic.

  8. Allan Hough Says:

    Epicly annihilated!

  9. C. Says:

    Canada is indeed very fully and beautifully “there”. Although I would love to be on the seacoast at Ingonish right now, it may remain very much “there” – and not “here” – for me at least for the next while…
    Do they have mopeds in Canada?

  10. johnny0 Says:

    There, really more skidoos than mopeds.

    Nootka‘s nice too.

    There, more kayaks.

  11. jtown Says:

    psht. lame.

  12. Jenn Says:

    lame. and stupid dangerous.

    Allan you’re still cool though.

  13. Ciao Says:

    You scoff because you are jealous. What is the last actually epic thing any of you have done?
    Had THREE beers?


  14. flimer of said video Says:


    u guys are funny why would anyone expect mopeds to be epic? how about looks like fun? if u liked or hated that video try this one, its even more ridiculous!

    maybe we are having too much fun 4 ppl to understand

  15. MF GOOSE Says:

    the people’s champ. for all the folk that hate mopeds ride one and then try really hard not to love’em, but you will. also very epic blast footage of this polini master.

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