Giant Sequoia Sprouts Found Growing In Kid’s Hiking Shoe


Mission resident Kevin Haas, 26, last weekend did the Berry Creek Falls hike at Big Basin. Today, he put on his hiking shoes for the first time since the hike, only to find a pair of saplings sprouted from the toe.


I Have Completed Stage One Of Our Plan To Take Over The World at The Onion.

4 thoughts on “Giant Sequoia Sprouts Found Growing In Kid’s Hiking Shoe”

  1. How do you transplant out of the mesh of a shoe?? Sadly, I don’t know if these little guys are gonna survive. There was a third seedling in the toe of the left shoe, but now only one remains. They survived miles of biking through the city and I just watered him. Besides, I think it’s probably grass and even if it wasn’t, it would be a coastal redwood (tallest trees in the world). I think sequoias are found farther to the east. Screw rooftop gardens; let’s grow vegetables out of our shoes and out of our ears and hair!!

  2. That would make a GREAT ad for Merril shoes! Next time you are in town, I will have to tell you about our family spring break trip: we went to the Refuge where HH goes on Freshmen O! good times…your name came up, of course…

    Hope you are well.


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