Shot in the Leg, Shot in the Back


Geoffrey Ellis last night was live on the scene for the aftermath of last night’s drive-by shooting:

Here is a photo I took last night after the shooting at 19th and Capp. I live a few houses down from the corner. There were 2 shots fired from a car. The cops said one guy was shot in the leg and another was shot in the back. The Examiner says it was at 18th and Capp but they are wrong. Trust me… Maybe that is why traditional media is dying. Thanks for getting it right.

Click picture to enlarge. Thanks, Geoffrey.

19 thoughts on “Shot in the Leg, Shot in the Back”

  1. soooo…gang related? any info on the victims?

    also, what time? the examiner says 18th @ 830pm i believe.

    all the twitter stuff looks like midnight.

    i don’t see any mention in the chron at all.

  2. this is straight up jose and i’m about to give it to you straight up.
    so you took nice picture. cool. but did you talk to police standing there and say, ‘hey foo. who it is?’ did you get tha docket number of the file from city hall? nopes. you didn’t. cause you just blogger in mom’s basement. maybe that’s why this blog dont make revenues. this is jose and i just give it to you straight up.

    p.s. your photo me la pela. next time you get closer for a tighter shot.

  3. Chicken or egg I guess. If we were making revenues, maybe I could pay myself a salary, and then I’d be ALL OVER CITY HALL’S DOCKET NUMBERS. Yeps.

    I’m workin’ on it.

  4. When the Chron collapses, we bloggers will be RICH with the revenues from being the only news in town for people in basements to read. Allan will be a media tycoon, and city hall will be giving HIM docket numbers for reference in the hope MM will cover the story. If you’re nice he might let you make an a la verga film about it.

  5. clearly it’s 19th, but are we sure it’s Capp? i live at 19th and Capp and don’t recognize those buildings. also, i didn’t hear any shots last night and was at home at the time.

  6. nice post – isn’t this the second shooting at that intersection in the past few weeks?

    here’s to making those blinging blogging revenues and getting some respect for local coverage.

  7. @jeffro – it’s def capp. this is the side of the church looking north.

    all my unknown neighbors (including the 2 guys that got shot, presumably) – what a weird and unfortunate way to connect.

    @ememd – i dont think thee was another shooting at this particular intersection in the past couple months. there was one at 19th & mission over the summer.

    the thing it makes me thing…when there’s a shooting a few blocks away (which happens on the regular – all over the hood), i lull myself into a false sense of security saying “ah, it was over there”.

    that’s a bunch of fucking bullshit. there is no fucking security.

  8. @straightup_jose – I am not a blogger or reporter, just a citizen who took a pic. clearly there is police tape in front of me so as far as a closer shot? good luck. I asked the police for info and got what I could. they were a little busy trying to find shell casings and talking to witnesses. just giving it to you straight up.

    @jeffro – zinzin is right, the photo was taken on capp looking north towards 19th.

    @zinzin – I love your comments (seriously). it went down a little after 8pm. 2 shots.

    @emamd – other than the loud pimps and hookers, it’s been a pretty peaceful corner for at least 6 months.

  9. @zinzin what do you mean, no security? was someone shooting at you?

    it did go down ‘over there’ and to ‘those people’

  10. en casa, pensando en cómo llegar a la asamblea de estado.

    (sorry if i butchered that one).

    plus, not a homicide so no reason for him (or the chron) to comment. safer too.

  11. I heard those shots last night from my apartment down on Linda near 19th, two in quick succession, bang bang, and I thought I heard a short female scream just before the first shot. That’s definitely 19th and Capp, I recognize the circular windows of the building sticking out across the street behind the officers.

  12. the 19th street street sign is visible in the fookin picture, that should end that debate.

    however, a little insider info for you, kids — if the Sexy Exy said it was 18th st, probably it was cos the cops told the Sexy Exy it was 18th st.

    also i doubt anyone posting on Mission Fucking Mission is a target of gang warfare… though hope springs eternal.

  13. i’m on 19th and capp but wasn’t around sunday night… luckily, i guess. it seemed like there had been a bit of a dry spell since the shooting outside cha cha cha’s (and obviously the one over the summer).

  14. I live on the corner where it happened. 2 shots. Didn’t see a drive by but saw a kid/guy walking away. Shot guy was laying in the middle of the intersection and then people from the corner liquor store moved him over to the sidewalk where that picture was taken.

    Took about 3-5 mins for the cops to show up. About 5 mins later, they had the guy I saw walking away pinned down, guns drawn. About 5-8 cops were pointing their guns at this kid/guy – I thought they were gonna shoot him, but then the kid/guy laid down on the sidewalk and they cuffed him and took him away. Was pretty intense. Definitely weird to see that moment where you know it could go either way.

    I’ve lived on this corner for about 3 years and yah, this has been the worst. I heard the gun shots last year when a couple of kids got killed on 18th/Van Ness. These shots here were pretty loud and boomy. I thought they were m-80’s that went off at first. I’m not surprised tho; this can be a pretty rowdy area on the weekends. From Little Baobop to Benders, there’s usually a stream of rowdy, loud people funneling down 19th.

    After this I was thinking of moving, but, whatever, I”ll stay. Funny tho; there were people in the ’round’ apt bldg that moved into the top floor that week. A few days later after this I looked over at their place and it was empty. Can’t blame them I guess – first weekend in and gun shots.

  15. @ – cornerapt – thanks for the eye witness report.

    for the most part, the rowdy folks “between baobab & benders” are not the shooters / shootees. it’s gang kids from the hood.

    i was out of town while it happened, came back the other night. went to the corner (i live right there too) to see if there was blood, there wasn’t…only 3 used condoms.

    welcome home.

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