Badass Mission Street Music Video

This video by Azeem is killer. It features a version of Mission Street rendered in a kind of animated collage. Azeem strolls up and down, past a Count Chocula tag, Heather Fong, Pancho Villa and Giant Value, before finishing up with an epic climax atop the New Mission Theater marquee. And you can watch it in HD. (Thanks, Laura and Jessica!)

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13 Comments on “Badass Mission Street Music Video”

  1. sangroncito Says:


  2. mcas Says:

    That’s why I love this hood…!

  3. natomahead Says:

    awesome that they put heather fong on there!

  4. notorious s.i.g. Says:

    que bueno!

  5. j Says:

    don’t mind the video so much but this and most hip hop blows. it’s gotten really bad.

    long live rock and punk !!

  6. Hunter C. Says:


    Mission Street AND 24th Street!

  7. Neo Displacer Says:

    very cool art

  8. johnny0 Says:


    I believe Azeem is in violation of the Mission St. 65′ height restriction. But it’s cool as he probably took out Medjool after he was up on the NMT marquee.

    Alas no Ribity.

    Nice cop presence though. (And they’ve got good rhythm.)

  9. […] don’t let that get you down. Check out this down-home music video by Azeem, courtesy of Mission Mission. Revel in the familiar landmarks, watch out for the paletero […]

  10. Alexis G Says:

    Shout out for the Mission Street tube socks …

  11. guero Says:

    I dig the style of rap too. Sorry to J but hip hop has been more of the soundtrack of the mission to the natives than punk or ska. The lyrical style kind of has that ol’ East Bay flava from the late 80’s,early 90s, before the LA gangsta style dominated. Esta muy chido wey!

  12. ct Says:

    This is fantastic. I can’t believe the Count is in there.

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